Need help to figure out how to improve team, not sure where to go :)

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Currently I'm normally running:
7* Sid G8
7* Lum G7
7* Phasma G7 (lead)
6* Kylo G8
5* Dooku G8

Notable extras that I feel could be useful and that I've read on forum should be great.
JC 6* G8
Vader 4* G6
Ahsoka 6* G7 (seems weak)
Talia 5* G7
Barris 4* G6
Daka 5* G7
Poe 4* G6
QGJ 4* G5
FOTP 3* G5
Bane 5*
IG88 4*
IG 86 3*
GS 1* :)
Rey 0* 55/80
Poogle 0* 6/80

I'm lvl 69 atm to give an indication what I can farm.

Anyone have any opinions where I should focus my farming?
Kylo and dooku is farmable in cantina, but so is GS.
I've been using cantina tokens on QGJ, it looks for me that its either him or Poe. Guess Daka or FOO could be nice, but have 0 shards of FOO and dunno about Daka.
Arena shipments and GW tokens I havent used in a while, but I occasionally buy some ig 86/88 tokens.

Currently lack currency and training droids to just level all the above. Will help when I get to 70 and can save up some cash.


  • Barris is pretty okay. If you could star her up, then she would probably do decent damage.
  • I love my GS but seeing that you already have Duku and Kylo at G8 makes me wonder if it wouldn't be better to focus on on of them, especially with so few droids/credits and gear slots needing to be filled after the level cap rise.
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    Your team is exactly what I'm currently working on. Where do you find that it is lacking? What is it best at?

    I think working on QGJ would be your best bet. His assists and speed work well on a Phasma led team.
  • The team does work pretty well, but it kinda feels a bit average I guess. I complete gw everyday and finish top 20 in arena, not always but thats more cause I wait to long to do battles I forget and dont have time to get all 5 in..

    Will need to farm some jedi so I can get 5 5*s. Guess my loose plan atm is to replace 2 of the team with Jinn and maybe poe. Not sure who atm though.
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