BUG: Great rewards in Rancor raid disppeared!

I just finished a rancor raid (usually goes very well and the rewards appear as they are reported after 1 hr after the raid is done). This time, the rewards reported were 3 shards of Solo, coins and guild coins, and gear (1 complete Mk5 Fusion Furnace, and 14 Mk 5 A/Kt Stun Gun Prototype). So I hit claim, but when I went into the 'Characters' area to check out the new gear, etc. They did not appear (Solo's 3 extra shards appeared but not the gear)!!!
This is so frustrating as I've been farming for these pieces of gear for weeks!!
This is a terrible bug and I expect it to be fixed in my account, or some kind of compensation!! Not sure if anyone else has experienced this before, but in 98 raids so far, this is my first time to experience this!!

Please FIX!!!!


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