Do you want more engaging character unlocking events?

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I was looking to get a general opinion on if people like the current event system, as the title suggests. I have another discussion going with some event change ideas if you would like to provide more detailed feedback also.
Edit: here is a link to the other thread:
Edit 2: just to clarify, this thread is regarding the new character unlocking events (hera or chopper events for example), not the old system used for yoda/palpatine.

Do you want more engaging character unlocking events? 15 votes

Yes. I think these events are too easy or not engaging enough. I would like an event that has some strategy or gimmick involved.
40% 6 votes
No. I like the difficulty of these events because they do not take alot of my time. I think a change would be bad.
60% 9 votes


  • I just wish we had more unlock events like palp/yoda, those were great
  • There should be a third option, i was coming to this section to mention this:
    The event is too easy, but it should be so everyone can unlock the character. what we need is additional tiers that are very difficult, but only reward 1k credits like chopper t2/3. things that put our team to the test so we can see the event character in action, but we aren't really penalized for not completing it. so everyone can get the toon's shards, but with lvl 85 team we can really see how the guy plays. i think overall this will lead to more purchases because the players will have a better idea of how good the character is
  • I agree with K_K. I think everyone should be able to get the character no matter what they're level is. It's like test driving a car before you buy it. If a person gets the character for free then they'll get to try them out and (watch this) MAKE PURCHASES to upgrade them cause they love the character. Pretty simple imho. :)
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  • I'm not sure. I have found the events not very engaging so far but at least everyone can participate in them. I will have to see how the Rise Together event goes as I still have all the Phoenix characters untouched at level 1.

    If I was designing the events I would have them the same as they are now but add a bonus tier where you use the character you have just unlocked to earn the gear needed to take the character up to gear 8. When you first unlock the character you get enough gear to gear it up to gear 2 and after that you can use the event to get an additional gear level per day up to gear 8. When you get the character to gear 8 I would also include a pack that you can buy to take the character to gear 9.
  • I would like to see more events that allow us to go all the way up to 7* like with Palp and Yoda.
  • The new Events where the upper tier rewards are 1000 credits are a bloody joke. How money hungry has this game become? Loosen up the rewards, make them actually worthwhile, and maybe players will actually start spending time on this game. Half our guild barely does have the daily requirements now, and that includes some people who dropped some serious cash on the game. They feel there's no point in playing since the rewards are so incredibly lame. They keep a watch just to see if the rewards improve, but I honestly don't know how much longer they'll stick around with what is being offered now. 1k credits. What a slap in the face of players and payers.
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