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I am a level 79 player, with a totally horrible arena team.
7*Luke (L) G8
7*Fives G9
5*Vader G8
7*Tie Fighter Pilot G8
3*Darth Nihilus G8
Help please! They have MKI/II/III Health Mods. Also, not a meta chaser. Have below arena rank 1000.
Run out of sims easily, active only on 3 days of the week. Easily can refresh cantina once, F2P
1...2...3! You're dead!


  • I have all the clones, all sith except Maul and Dooku, Wiggs and medium Empire.
    1...2...3! You're dead!
  • Jetlife wrote: »
    I would recommend sith than!! They are very good. Farm maul from guild/fleet. Start farming zeta asap. Just purchase zeta from fleet and ignore fleet ships until you have your first zeta. Farm ships from gw atm.
    Dooku is good but not necessary.

    It's a video; click it
    Here is my sith squad. Most fun I've had with my arena squad since early rebel meta(hanido; no wiggs)
    But again the choice is all your because there is multiple teams you can choose from. Rogue one will be farmable soon and they are good, and just cool characters. I find rogue one characters very unique and that is why I will be farming them. Not because they are OP, but because they are cool characters. "Are you kidding me, I'm blind"
    "Do you know the chances of her using that against you? High, very high"

    Awesome vid man! Can't wait to have my zSavage as well... then it's Nihilius for me... Do you think I could run zMaul (L), EP, zSavage, Nihilius and zBoba? zBoba was my first zeta, and I want to use him in my Sith squad xD profile - Our guild, 3720 to 1, has 1 spot open! [49/50].
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