Time to build a jedi team? For yoda perhaps???

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The new challenge with the new character needs a team of jedi to complete. Since they said it was a character we have been asking for and it requires jedi, anyone that has any sense can make an educated guess that this will be for yoda.

Time to build a jedi team? For yoda perhaps??? 27 votes

Yes, build a team i must
BlamImperialRebeljeremyj26CrymsonkyngAndrewThomasLyleDariogarcia_george99Plague_IncCastaspellaKennyKonifDuckieWillkimm98WJ28XorthyxJohnnyMakeBelieveKYLO_SAM84Pelor55Darth_KatsumotoZeknichov 21 votes
No, i dont want/need yoda
Baal 1 vote
Have one i already do (p2p obviously)
UnckyBadTouchM9silent 2 votes
Maybe, but it isnt yoda, it is....
GalvineFrenzytomArijit 3 votes


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