My Ideal Team

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Build: All on attack, high-crit, damage bonus, AOE and ability block

Leader:Darth Sidious, well for obvious reasons. Healing immunity, gains health upon enemy defeat.
Poggle the Lesser: Grants all allies 150% damage for 2turns and have almost same possibility to stun a character like Dooku. Grants droid allies faster time
HK-47: Ability block&AOE, have the potential to self revive
IG-88: AOE with ability block, gains crit percentage per negative status enemy hero is suffering.
Bobba Fett: Ability block AOE, self revive, grants all allies 30% crit damage (if leader).

I would like people to add comment and criticise, also I'd like to know what people's dream team is, I belive that this team will do well, as it can rush down opponent's team with multiple AOE with ability block.

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    I am currently at lvl 50. My team is 5 star Lumi, 4 star Sid, Talia, Tarkin, and 3 Star Doku, all lvl 6 geared. If I see your team, I will take your Sid down (Doku lightening, counter, and my Sid, plus Lumi if your Sid is not defeated yet) before you even launch an AOE, and hope that not all my healers were blocked or stunned. If controlled by AI there is a fair chance that all your ability block AOEs will be cast the same time. Since your team got no healer, it is highly likely that I can heal just enough to survive (character hp 5k to 6k), let Doku do his job, and take out your 88 as well. From then on if it is my Lumi, Sid, Tarkin vs your Poggle, Bobba, and 47, I think I stand a higher chance to win. If you are on the offense I have no idea how it will go, perhaps just share how you will deal with my team, or any other team with Sid, Doku and two healers?
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    I am currently at rank 200 in arena and all I see is Barriss, Chewie and Dooku or mix of them, nonetheless, obviously, it would be much easier for both you and me to attack, since when you are versing someone, you are actually versing an AI... I just thought that my build will do really well, because by disabling opponents ability for a turn or two and attack with multiple AOE, after 2turns it is almost guranteed to kill a character and by that time the rest of the squad will be somewhere around 20-30%health

    I am aware of the fact, this team is not particularly defensive. Nevertheless, it would (VERY likely) do well climbing up the ranks, I believe that is the case, because I play without healers and my team is pretty much Anakin, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, IG-88 and Chewie... mind you my team is around bit over 10k power and majority of time I have no problem taking down opponent with 11k power that has Dooku and Barriss combo.

    Just imagine, you can give the whole squad plus 50percent attack for 2turns with better AOE that consists of ability block and healing immunity, not to mention the fact that IG-88 gains extra crit chance and attack per each negative effect enemy is suffering
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