So how many Jedi do you have?

I only have 6 currently. Time to farm.

7* Eeth Koth
7* Lumi
6* JC
6* Ahsoka
3* QGJ
2* Kit Fisto


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    You only need five. The 7 in the notes was a typo. Just get them to 7 stars.
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    I don't even have 5 :(
    Have to rush QGJ and Eeth Koth before the update i guess
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    If I can finish Barriss before the patch drops I'll have Lumi, Ahsoka, JC, QGJ and Barriss at 7* but I'd need to swap in someone for Barriss probably for a bit more damage output and maybe mace for a bit of tanking.

    I don't have Ben at all and I can't farm kit or Aayla.
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    3, and they're all healers haha :D
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    I have 4. Cant even do it yet.
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    Does Ashoka count?
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    Yes, ahsoka counts. Don't forget jedi guardian
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    Does Luke count?
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    Guess I will have to switch from dooku to bariss in cantina, get koth from arena and continue qgj from cantina shipments to get that new char -,-
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    How do I not have Jedi guardian
  • Phipps
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    Well I'm wondering if you only have say 4...,4 star Jedi if you can still attempt the challenge. Or in order for it to unlock you need 5 Jedi. Like in GW where you can take less than 5 toons
  • J7000
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    Does Luke count?

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    I have all of them,
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    I only have Lumi, JC, Ima Gun Di (lucky bronzium), and then QGJ at 2 stars so no way I'm gonna have enough for the event.
  • KamikazeRhombus
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    Phipps wrote: »
    Well I'm wondering if you only have say 4...,4 star Jedi if you can still attempt the challenge. Or in order for it to unlock you need 5 Jedi. Like in GW where you can take less than 5 toons
    My understanding is that you need 5 5* Jedi for it to unlock.

    Edit: they changed the patch notes to require 5* now
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  • Tromedlov13
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    I have a bunch, but not enough to get 'Yoda' above four star or any real chance of getting there

    Jc and lum at 7
    Ashoka at 5(big mistake)
    Bariss, mace, jg, Ima at 4
    Plo and Kitt at 3
    Qgj at 2

    So at least I should be able to get whoever it is - Yoda - but I'm months away from 5 7* jedi

    Wish I would've known earlier, but most of the Jedi weren't that useful except for healing I started with an all Jedi team, but then stopped when I realized jg and mace were bad tanks and Ashoka was so slow. Also didn't level anyone but Jc, lum and bariss (and her only some of the way) looks like it's time to spend all my training droids on Jedi
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    I have 8 and enough 4 stars to make a team. I hope I can replay the lower levels or the new toon won't be new any more by the time I get him lol...
  • Triqui
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    Barris, Lumi, JC at 4* or more. Ashoka at 3* and 26/30 shards. Qi Gon Jin at 2*. I doubt I can make QGJ 4* in time. Probably will farm Mace Windu as well anyways.
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    The way I read it was you need 5 Jedi at one star to play. But 4* to unlock the new toon.
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    Now I've got to go read it again cause I thought it was a full team of at least x star for each level lol.
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    7 Luminara
    5 Consular
    6 Plo
    2 QGJ

    No Yoda anytime soon for me
    : \
  • ArarisValerian
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    I have:
    Lumi 6 star
    JC 5 star
    Ahsoka 5 star
    Jedi Guardian 4 star
    Qui Gon Jinn 4 star

    Obviously, I need to update them. What Jedi should I go after Now?

    I've been working on Bariss for awhile, but I can't get any shards. I have 39 out of the 80 I need to unlock. :(
    28/80 for Anakin
    11/50 for Eeth Koth
    11/80 for mace

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    Yeah full teams for the level. All 1* at least for first level. All 2* for second, 3* for third. My highest full team is 4* so I can't do higher levels is my understanding. I have to replay lower for shards. Or get everyone to at least 5* to unlock the new toon.
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    I have 7 Jedi

    7* Luminara
    5* Jedi Consular
    4* Anakin Skywalker
    4* Ahsoka Tano
    4* Mace Windu
    3* Qui-Gon Jinn
    2* Jedi Knight Guardian

    Unfortunately they all aren't leveled up.

    2 are 68
    2 are 60
    3 are 40

    So a long way to go.
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    4* JC
    4* Ima-Gun Di
    3* Lumi
    3* QGJ
    2* Ahsoka
    2* Jedi Knight Guardian

    I have some work to do...
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    I posted this on the patch thread as well....but my guess is they will be offering a Jedi pack for sale once this patch releases. Would be the smart money move.
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    I feel your pain.. It's really tough trying to figure out which five 7* Jedi to use.. I hope there are different levels that will allow us to throw in the lesser used ones like Ahoska and Ima. :/
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    Lumi 6*
    JC 5*
    Ahsoka 4*
    Guardian 3*
    QGJ 2*
  • Frenzytom
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    QGJ 5* (Close to 6*)
    Lumi 7*
    Aalya 5*
    JC 4* (Close to 5*)
    Ahsoka 4* (Close to 5*)

    Most will be 5* before the patch drops. Guess it will be the 5* Mystery toon for now...
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