So how many Jedi do you have?



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    I have
    7* Lumi
    7* JC
    5* QGJ
    4* Harris
    5* old Ben
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    As long as you have 5 1* Jedi to start with, you can start the event. Only need 5 5* to unlock stage 5 which unlocks the "secret" character. And then 5 7* Jedi to complete stage 7 which gives you enough shards to 7* the secret character.
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    Lumi 7*
    JC 7*
    AT 7*
    QGJ 7*
    Mace 6*
    Ani 6*
    Kit 6*
    Ben 5*

    I'm covered.. Hope it's not Jar Jar we are unlocking
  • Naugrin
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    I only have 2 atm lol...but I should be able to get guardian, asohka, and if I pause my poe building, qgj b4 the update lol.

    I wont be able to unlock but atleast I can participate and bank shards for next time.
  • Skye
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    Aside Mace, I got them all... but very few are above 4*

    Only QGJ, JC and Luminara are above that.. I can probably get QGJ and JC to 7* before the event... The rest will take time...

    Although I am eyeing Eeth now since i got nothing I really want from the Arena shipments
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    Now they changed the patch notes required to unlock the character at stage 5. All hopes dashed as I cannot get 5 jedi to 5* so soon and not going to farm useless Jedi like Jedi Guardian or Koth to have the character not even knowing its powers.
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    Any clarity on how many jedi at 7* we'll need....was 7 jedi a typo.....
    If so all I have to worry about is my ahsoka she almost 6*... and that's about 12 days for 7* ...would be nice if it's only 5 7*
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    I'm pretty excited to break out my original Jedi team again! I have 8. But only 6 farmable. I have been slowly working on them all along do I hope I won't have too much work left to get them maxed.

    Windu 6* max gear lv 60
    Lumi 7* max gear lv 68
    Koth 6* max gear lv 60
    Jc 6* max gear lv 68
    Ashoka 3* gear 6 lv 53
    Aayla 4* max gear lv 60 not farmable
    Guardian 2* gear 5 lv 40
    Qui gon 3* gear 5 lv 48

    Not sure to keep going on Ashoka since it would be faster or qui gon since he will be solid all around but take longer

  • scuba
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    I have 8 and enough 4 stars to make a team. I hope I can replay the lower levels or the new toon won't be new any more by the time I get him lol...

    I believe this will fall into the "non repeatable." Once you are done with the lower level that is it. My understanding from the notes is the only way to get to 7* is to finish level 7. To unlock (unlocks at 5*) must finish level 5. Can't keep doing level 4 to unlock.
  • Fighton
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    Luminara 7*
    Jc. 7*
    Qgj. 6* - just need credits for 7*
    Fist. 4*- " "
    Ahsoka. 5* 83/85
    Ben. 5*
    Barris, ima, koon, windu , jkg , koth all 4*

    Got my k and p all mixed up with plo koon lol
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    I have a bunch, but not enough to get 'Yoda' above four star or any real chance of getting there

    Jc and lum at 7
    Ashoka at 5(big mistake)
    Bariss, mace, jg, Ima at 4
    Plo and Kitt at 3
    Qgj at 2

    So at least I should be able to get whoever it is - Yoda - but I'm months away from 5 7* jedi

    Wish I would've known earlier, but most of the Jedi weren't that useful except for healing I started with an all Jedi team, but then stopped when I realized jg and mace were bad tanks and Ashoka was so slow. Also didn't level anyone but Jc, lum and bariss (and her only some of the way) looks like it's time to spend all my training droids on Jedi

    Slow? Sure - but she is better than many think.

    Ashoka is very underrated, IMHO. Go on SWGOHCantina and sort by S-damage (her special) - she's 6th overall, just a hair behind GS. Base damage, she's more middle of the pack - but keep in mind two things - BOTH attacks heal (base heals herself and S, everyone.) She also gains Evasion when anyone on the opposing side dies. Most healers have to choose between healing and dealing out damage - she does both simultaneously. Also according to SWGOHCantina she has the highest chance to deliver a crit (which helps her S-damage heal).

    She is a solid attacker that is self-sustaining and an occasional heal.

    Yes, she needs a solid team around her (a bunch of glass cannons + her is NOT good) - but when teamed with Lumi, she stays alive a LONG time - and deals out lots of damage in the process. All that and easy to farm.

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    Everyone is worried about how many * you will have but what about lvl . Can you put in 5 lvl 40 jedi for the 7* challenge and beat it or will you need 5 lvl 70 7* jedi.. so farming shards is one thing but the coins to lvl them and promote them will be close to 20mil. If you don't have them to lvl 70 yet.. just saying
  • EwokRampage
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    I have qui gon, Aayla, kit, Jc, and guardian all 7 star so I am going to try going for the last stage. My only issue is guardian is gear one level 1 so I guess am gearing her up until next week :/
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    I think I'll fair well to unlock the new character (I'm pulling for a young Obi or RTJ Luke with lots of speed and a big debuff or ability block to counter Poe).

    7 Lumi Lvl 67 max gear
    7 JC lvl 67 max gear
    5 Mace lvl 60 max gear
    5 Guardian lvl 60 max gear
    5 Ahsoka lvl 60 max gear
    4 Bariss lvl 67 max gear

    Mace, guardian, and Ahsoka are all easy farms to 7 if the new toon is worth it.
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    I have 2.

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    dinks182 wrote: »
    Everyone is worried about how many * you will have but what about lvl . Can you put in 5 lvl 40 jedi for the 7* challenge and beat it or will you need 5 lvl 70 7* jedi.. so farming shards is one thing but the coins to lvl them and promote them will be close to 20mil. If you don't have them to lvl 70 yet.. just saying

    For sure....and I was sooo close to my rebel squad.....yet another delay
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    I can only hope to get the 5th Jedi a 5th star before the end of the event. I should have all 7* be the second event launches.
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    7 kit
    7 lumi
    7 jc
    6 barris
    6 qgj
    6 eeth

    Qgj will be 7 In 3 days. 61 shards for barris and 59 for eeth. I can (and will) finish eeth in case RNG hates me on Barriss. I'd rather finish off Barriss as eeth is still lv 1, gear 1, and 3* so will take a lot to gear, level, and star him up. All others are 70 and purple. Hoping for a (presumed) 7* yoda on day 1!
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    7 Kit
    7 Lumi
    7 QGJ
    7 JC
    6 Ben
    5 Barris

    Barris should be 7* next week. Hope the new toon is worth it.
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    Haha, just checked now... Thank gawd I farmed Ashoka & that makes 5:

    1) Lumi 6* Vll
    2) QGJ 2* Vl
    3)Ahsoka 4* Vl
    4) JC 3* V
    5) Jedi knight guardian 2* lV

    Bring on the Jedi challenge!
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    Only have 2:

    4* Luminara
    4* JC

    Guess I'm far away from unlocking this event character...

    I just didn't get any luck with datapacks... the only character I got with my chromium was.... Ugnaut.
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