Question about composition for P4 of Tank Raid

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I joined a new guild and need some advice before I drop some major gear and credits on characters. Here is my roster.

Now that rogue one characters can be farmed, I'm thinking of using my fleet currency to finish staring Chirrut and buying shipments for Baze. I would have to farm or/and gear Wedge, Leia and Biggs.

I would have to increase Baze star from 4 to 7. Chirrut is about half way to 6 star.

My team for phase 4 would be Baze, Chirrut, Leia, Biggs, and Wedge.

What I could also do is instead opt to use the crystals to buy gear for other characters instead and passively farm the stars for more accessible characters. The cost to level Baze from 4 to 7 stars would be about 19600, which I could opt instead to gear Wedge, Biggs, and maybe a third character to 9-10 gear level. My problem is that Chirrut and Baze are already gear level 9 and form an integral part of my pvp hybrid team.

I guess my real question is can I use Chirrut effectively without Baze in phase 4? Would this be a huge loss in damage compared to using instead a traditional Wedge, Leia, Biggs, Lando, and Storm Han set up? The composition I had in mind was Wedge, Leia, Biggs, Chirrut, and Lando or Storm Han. How does a Chaze team compared to a normal Rebel team in terms of damage?

Forgot to mention. Another Team composition is to use Chaze, Biggs, Wedge, and Storm Han.
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