New Idea: Pod Racing

You collect pods, use racers, race to win credits and gear and pod parts which improve your pods. It would be fun to use Sebulba in Anakin's pod and other stuff.
1...2...3! You're dead!


  • Several tracks as well
    1...2...3! You're dead!
  • Dhoey321
    1629 posts Member
    This game already has so much going for it and there are many things that need to be improved first. This should be a project starting in 2018 at the earliest
  • KueChael
    762 posts Moderator
    No pods!!!!

    Nothing more till we get separatist and Gungans :p
  • Achilles
    1380 posts Member
    Angry Birds Go just with Star Wars characters? No Thanks.
    Left by design.
    The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
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