Is this team a good idea?

I noticed Ackbar can give up to 23 speed to rebel allies at lvl 7, and that his basic attack deals some decent damage.
I also know Han can be just as dangerous as poe, with a bit more attack over the expose chance
I also noticed that hoth rebel scout does some pretty decent damage, with a nice pack of health
I also noticed that luke can deal a huge ammount of damage at high star, gear and level.

So what i was thinking all rebels with ackbar as leader. Obviously my goal would be to quickly use that speed to get luke, ackbar, and scout to deal a ton of damage, while han taunts. Biggs would do nice damage.

Pretty much, here is where im at now:
-6k arena credits
-4k cantina credits
-4 star luke, gear 5, level 50
-biggs 2*, gear 4, level 34
-ackbar at 0 shards/80
-HRS at 3 shards/50
-han at no shards/50
-luke at no shards/65
-biggs at 15/25

So yeah, luke is kinda the only one i have started on. here would be my plan:

-get lumi to 6* (now 45/85 shards), and then go for biggs
-SCB for luke shards
-get ackbar to 5* then get han to 5*
-use cantia creds for HRS

Basically i thought with Ackbars speed boost, it would be a good all rebel team with some heavy damage hitters. It would take a while to get Han and HRS to 5*, but i can get workin on luke and i can buy ackbar right now. I can also start moving on biggs.

In contradictory, i can use cantina creds to get 5s up to 6* (now 5), i can get lumi up to 7* in GW, i can keep working on Geo, and i have no clue what to do with my arena creds.

So please help me because this investment might be the future of my team and i dont want it to suck
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