Cantina farming

Who shuld i farm in cantina among chewbacca jawa and talia?
Currently i am lv 40 and i have

chewbacca 4*
jawa 3*
talia 4*

In cantina i have unlocked till the jawa stage.


  • Qeltar
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    IMO Talia. She is the only dark side healer unless you unlock Old Daka, and even if you do, healers are valuable. Basically she is a character that you can safely be sure you will need in the future.
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    I'm currently unlocking old daka but it feels to me to take an eternity. Isn't chewbacca better in pvp?
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    It seems like Chewie is good at the beginning. But later on, there are much better choice for pvp
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    I'm at lev 41 and i have the same problem, chewie and talia at 4 stars and dont know what to farm.. Anyway actually, in arena i find Chewie really powerful, pheraps more than talia.. (arena rank 200, still climbing)
    Talia instead is important in galaxy wars
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    I find chewie to be important in galaxy wars for when i need a taunt, so I can bring in glass cannons to burst/one shot important characters or healers. But yea in arena chewie has slowly started to decline a little as I am reaching lvl 40
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