Is Cassian worth farming?

I was thinking of farming Cassian since they added him to arena shipments. But would I be better off going with Savage?
I've never fought against Cassian in GW or arena so I don't know what he's capable of.


  • pac0naut
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    Savage is more meta right now, but who knows.
    Meanwhile, down on the farm....
  • He's good on a Rebel team.

    He is slow but pretty durable. His AOE attack gives him lots of TM if it lands debuffs and his special hits pretty hard.

    Buff immunity on basic is nice. I would say an accuracy mod instead of speed primary would be helpful for him against current META in arena.

    Savage is freaking amazing on a Sith team especially with zMaul.

    They are both fairly easy to get to G9-G10

    It just depends on what kind of team you are trying to build.
  • Rumpelstilzchen
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    He will be 3 star, then you need to get to 7*, g10 at least. Conservatively, 1.5 months? Unless you throw money at him. By then, 3 will have taken his place. Unless you want him as an iconic hero.
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  • I'm just looking for a toon that I can throw in some GW battles and have some fun with. Whether I farm Cassian or Savage neither one is likely to ever enter my arena lineup (though I guess Savage is possible). Since I do enjoy running sith I was leaning Savage unless Cassian is way better.
  • Since I have pretty much everyone I want in squad shop (including 7* Savage) I'm working on Cassian. I can actually 5* him but saving the credits atm. He sounds interesting to use, but is limited to rebel squads otherwise his unique is useless.
  • Javik
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    Depends on what you want in your future for teams. If you want a rebel team you could use Cassian from arena shipments and use galatic war to get K2SO for your rebel team's tank. If you are making a sith team then by all means get savage he is extremely worth it with a Darth Maul lead as he can cleanse your debuffs.
  • Considering his unique is Rebels and K2SO if you put him in an all Jedi team his unique is useless
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