Malevolence Capital Ship Idea

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Capital Ship that debuffs and removes enemy Buffs,TM and Protection
Deadly Turbolasers- Basic
Deal physical damage to target. If target was debuffed, attack again and call target ally to assist.
No Survivors- Special Cooldown 3
Grant all allies Offense Up and Target Lock random enemy.
Ion Pulse Cannon- Special Cooldown 5
Remove all protection, buffs and TM from target for 3 turns. This ability starts with a 1 turn cooldown.
Overrun- Special Cooldown 6
Deal physical damage to target and call all Separatist allies to assist. This ability deals + 70% damage to targets who have suffered the Ion Pulse Cannon in the turn before. This ability starts with a 1 turn cooldown.
Unstoppable- Crew (Unique) Ability
All allies have +30% defence. This chance is doubled for darkside ships. Republic enemies suffer -20% Critical Chance and -10% Critical Damage.
1...2...3! You're dead!
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