USM (United Shardmates: guidaki, rebelsgotyou, husted, strikesback, shadowcat, oxygen, etc) LF you!

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We are a shard from september 2016.
Already have a lot of shard mates on our chat, united under the name of USM (united shardmates).
If you want to join us, please let me know!
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  • Good to see your post. Unfortunately, I sit around top 20-50. But hopefully others in our shard will see this :) I have line chat if anyone in our shard wants to help each other with payout times like guidaki said. Let us know :)
  • hey Strikesback! good to see you here! Yeah, we can start a line group for the arena shard so everyone from the shard could join.
  • Sweet! My line id is xbluestrikesx add me whenever and we can start the group :)
  • Great! i just added you, if someone from the shard want to get an invitation just post or pm me!
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  • I'm down with teaming up and helping each other out. The name is Dale by the way. I play Star Wars Commander with a couple in my guild so I won't leave my guild though.
  • Although I did wRn my guild leader if we don't start working on kenobi, then I'll go somewhere else until I get him.
  • guidaki
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    Hey rebelsgotyou! nice to meet you! We are currently on discord with some of the shard mates (stikesback, realposition, zaejii, etc). Do you use discord?
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  • I don't know what discord is. I would love to ally with you guys though and take turns in the first 3 ranks. I'm on line app though if that helps.
    My email is [email protected] if you want to communicate faster.
  • guidaki
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    Hey Dale! Discord is a chat app, like line, but more gaming oriented. You can download from appstore or google play.
    We use that for communicating each others. First we started with line but there was already a shard chat on discord with more people.
    If you have any doubt please pm me!
  • Nice to meet you, everyone. I am DancingSaber of NSC Black in Korea. My Discord ID is ' NSC DancingSaber # 1752 '.
  • guidaki
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    Hey dancing! Sent you the friend request on discord!
  • ZenoxEU
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    Zenox of YOUNGSTOWN here. Norwegian player. Pleasure meeting you all. I'd like to take part in this so I don't mistakenly interfer with your top 3 when placing in EU.

    Discord @ 'Zenox#0045'
  • Hey Zenox! Nice to have you aboard!
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  • I know I'm late to the party but I figured it's time to meet my fellow shardmates. My discord is Torinwoodle#1285
    I'm usually in the 20-50 range but recently been able to climb higher. Sorry if I messed up the rotation. I'm not sure what you all have worked out.
  • Hello,

    I figured I’d jump in after seeing how much easier it is to stay on top as part of the alliance. My discord is ElliotAlderson. I’m usually in the top 50
  • Hey is anyone still paying attention to this thread. I am your shardmate and wanted to know how/if I can join the shard chat. I am on discord as TAK Jeremy#3216.
  • BustaFett
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    Busta Fett here. Don't want to disrupt anyone in ships. Can I get an invite to ship shard?
  • Hey @BustaFett and @Robmoo.
    I assume you've both correctly identified this group as your shard? Sept 2016?
  • BustaFett
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    @EffAPublicEyeD Yes, but I am looking for Ship Shard.
  • Gotcha. I can't help with the ship shard, sorry.
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