Does Vader drop as a 4 star from the Chromium Packs?

Hi, I'm sitting on 80 shards for Vader and was thinking of rolling the dice with an 8 pack chromium drop and was thinking maybe I might get lucky and my activated toon might be Vader leaving me the 80 shards to dump into him towards 5 star?

Anyone have experience with the new 8 packs? I was wondering if the "guaranteed" activation could be an existing unlocked toon?

Is anyone getting more than 1 activated toon from these packs?

I know these packs aren't the best use for crystals but I keep thinking I might get a lucky Jedi drop towards this new event!!!

Thks all Tox


  • Can't get Vader in packs sorry

    Yes 80 shards will activate as 4 star, so far 5 star is max for Vader
    Roger roger
  • Oh and you can definitely get double up characters, they will turn into about half their value in shards
    Roger roger
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