JKA/Ashoka soft rework idea

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Always on the offensive(leader): Jedi & Clone allies gain 30% offense and 20% critical damage. Whenever an ally is evaded they gain 20% turn meter, advantage and accuracy up for 2 turns.

Righteous fury(zeta): Whenever another ally falls below 50% health or is defeated, Dispel all debuffs on that ally (if not defeated) then Anakin gains 100% turn meter, and his next attack deals 100% more damage and can't be evaded. Whenever Ashoka is damaged by an attack, JKA gains 15% turn meter.

Adding the turn meter gain with +accuracy on his lead will help against zMaul leads. And his zeta provides a bit more synergy with Ashoka while providing a nice auto dispel on the damaged ally. Combined with my Ashoka zeta idea creates an amazing pair. Idk if its too OP overall but just an idea to give them more synergy with zeta abilities.


Daring Padawan(zeta): Ashoka has +45% health, +45 speed & +15% critical chance. When critically hit, she loses one of them. When she defeats and enemy she regains all of them. If JKA is present he also gains this ability. Ashoka can't be critically hit if JKA is present. (Idk if that's too much and just keep the crit immunity buff from before)


  • That all sounds really good.
  • Great idea. The only problem is it won't create any additional revenue for EA/CG. Their entire business model revolves around creating op squads or factions for a short period of time. That allows them to milk the whales dry.

    Case and point: the Jedi will get their turn again. The question is when and how long. And... how much.
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    Anni with an additional 45 speed and and 45% health sign me up!

    But as already posted it wont make cg money so we prolly wont see it
  • Some nice ideas here
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    No reason for jka to share her ability, and for her to not lose it due to crit immunity is a little op.

    Maybe grant her crit immunity when she gains them back on a killing blow. Or add that she gains them back with crit immunity when jka has a killing blow.
  • She gets crit immunity for 2 turns at the start of the encounter (if jka is in the squad) and anytime she uses her special.
  • Hopefully they make some more synergy between them when they come out with a Jedi faction pass. They gave zetas to all the FO characters who weren't new. I don't see why they wouldn't do something like this (besides the fact that it's EA).
  • Only one thing I do not think there is a accuracy up
  • I don't understand the ahsoka synergy. Are they a team in the newer Star Wars shows?

    And second, I think this is too little. Anakin is powerful, but he needs to be way more powerful. He needs one or two zetas and some skill reworks. So does Mace.
  • Yeah this was an older post.. Not sure why it was resurrected..
  • Don't use the search function, get in trouble, use the search function, also get in trouble.
  • Kit fitso was a also a form 3 master he beat Kenobi in the padawan graduation tourney considering Kenobi didn't start form 3 until after Darth maul fitso was the one Jedi who give Kenobi I run for his money studying his whole Jedi life
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