False advertising

In the wake of the new announcement, I went and spent $20 on this game in an attempt to get some jedi, since most are locked behind a pay wall and the ones you can get, good luck getting enough shards to increase their *'s. What I came across upset me greatly; I'm used to getting crap drops from chromium packs, believe me, but this was absurd. Before, if I got an 8 pack (I have only done so 2 other times) I got a chance at 2 full characters. The new one reads "Guaranteed Character" in front of the 8 pack. Knowing that I usually get 2 I didn't question it. This time, I only got 1, 1 that I already had, the Royal Guard. Now, this isn't an end all. I'm not complaining about what character I got, although it is stupid those you can get in Bronzium are even in chromium, what I am complaining about is that because I already had him, I got 7 shards. ... 7. That is not even enough for a 1* character and that is where my problem comes in. I was "Guaranteed" a character and I didn't get one. I feel like if they are only giving you the chance at 1 character in those packs, it sure as hell better be 50 shards, or a 3* character. I'm quite appalled by this, I know a lot of people will tell me to get over it, but 7 shards is not a character and that is not okay.


  • Sorry about that. Not to be insensitive but daily warnings of the garbage that chromium pulls normally result in are posted here. Now you know better than to spend a dime on them in the future. Yes I do agree that giving somebody 7 shards for a duplicate hero does not seem fair since it cannot even equal half of a 2* promotion but technically they are not false advertising.
  • Just a heads up they have changed the packs and credit packs. I buy the 15k crystal packs and normally pull 3 or 4 characters not boxes from packs. Now i only pull 1 character per one and 7 boxes.

    The credits you used to get up to 1.5 million per pull but now i get 700ish area. They have changed these things so be warned.

    Personally i am ok with it as i have all but four characters unlocked so i am not affected.
  • It's not your day is it.62140230.jpg
  • It's not your day is it.62140230.jpg

    You should never use a meme, if you don't know how to use it correctly. All you do is embarrass yourself.
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