How does auto mode work?

I'm a bit confused about how auto battle works. Sorry if this is a too dummy question, but I'm new to this game style.

From what I could observe, the auto mode is not a fully random battle, but it does not seem to be the perfect strategy battle either, so I'm confused about how to properly use it in the different game modes, or what stats in the character can influence the computer choice. Also, manual battle is much more fun, but sometimes you just want to win the match as you seem to have a more powerful squad (i.e., easy battles and PvP)

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  • Auto mode has a tendency to blow it's load when it doesn't need to. All characters will use their offensive moves even if it's obviously overkill, eg Luminara will use her force blast thing on the last enemy of the 2nd round, even if a normal attack would be enough to finish it.

    Auto good for grinding low levels for shards mats, or finishing fights you've more or less won already, just much quicker.

    You can still tell your team which target to focus on though, which is handy.
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    Basically it lets the AI run your team for you. Use it when you are playing a match where opponents are far below your level (like grinding shards on a 1A fight when you are level 40), or to finish off a match where there's only one opponent left with a lot of HP and strategy is no longer necessary.
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  • I use auto all the time, this game isn't very hard to figure out, you either have the levels necessary to win the battle or you don't. game is... grind rewards, level character until you can win the battle rinse repeat, if you are a halfwit this may keep you entertained for some time, me I find this a very stupid place to spend money, pay 2 win anyways do they have leaderboards for those who pay and those who don't? no so the game is skewed to begin with. More of the same from EA
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