Is PVP dead for the next week?

Yikes!! I'm going to stop focusing on my main team for now? All my resource will go toward farming and leveling any Jedi's I can get to meet the event requirement. What ever my 5 free battles get me that will be it. If I drop in ranks so be it. I going to see if I can atleast get a 4* team and work towards the 7* star requirement. With the current drop ranks this going to be a long road to travel. What about the next event what will the requirements be for that? All female team?


  • Empire; Ewok; Rebels; Droids; Scoundrels; etc.

    Gott get them all like Pokemon and build them up. It's good for Galatic War anyways. Arena is one part, but giving people 5 fights per day? Doesn't that say that CG doesn't want people focusing on Arena? Enjoy the game. Being top 100 isn't that big a deal. Having a good bench is the new way of doing GoH.

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