Help me select my team

Currently have:
4* gear6 Darth MAul
5* Gear 8 JC
5* Gear6 Luminara
4* Gear 6 Dooku
4* Gear6 Darth Sidious
4* Gear7 Q.G.J.
4* Gear 7 Rey
4* Gear 5 Chewwy
4* Gear6 Eeth Koth
4* Gear5 Talia
4* Gear3 Cad Bane
4* Gear4 Grand Moff Tarkin
2* Gear4 Ahsoka tano

I usually use in both Arena and Galactic War a linup of

QGJ - LEader

Just wondering how I can improve, or if I can improve upon this lineup?


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    what should i do? Anyone I should be farming? Should I stop working on some characters?

    Should I focus on Ahsoka Tano to get her to 4*?
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