Fleet guide?

I am having no luck finding a guide for the fleet arena. I am absolutely baffled how the battles work. I can have the exact same ships as the other guy starting and have same higher star lvl and higher power (10k+) and still gett wiped out. My Biggs is gear XI 7* lvl 85 and there times where Republic ships tear through him like paper. Any insights into how fleet battles work would be great.


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    Current starting fleet: Akbar command gear X 5* lvl 85
    Biggs gear XI 7* lvl 85
    Fives gear IX 6* lvl80
    Ashoka gear VIII 6* lvl 75
    Jedi Consular gear X 7* lvl 85
    Ploo Koon gear VIII 6* lvl 75

    Other ships all at least 7* gear VIII pilots 5* lvl 70
    Kylo Ren ship
    Slave 1
    Clone Sarge
    Tie FO
    Geo soldier

    Vader, Slave and Sarge in reserve and I have difficulty cracking the top 150
  • MageDucky's guides at the top of this forum are a good start.

    I feel like I'm still learning about ship battles, myself, but I will say that synergies and timing go a long way. Biggs feeds off of target lock, so having more ships surrounding him with TL helps. Timing it such that you get benefot is important too - for example until recently I popped Five's special too early in fights - wait until Biggs is down on protection to get maximum benefit. Build Wedge up and get him in there. Use Consular to help keep these ships alive. Build Vader to go with Biggs as well... that's a very effective combo with Vader perma-targetlocking opponents.
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  • Here is a guide to target lock we put together. Mageduckeys guide is too notch this is just a more specific part of ship battles https://www.google.com/amp/s/swgohindepth.com/2017/02/26/swgohindepth-guide-to-target-lock/amp/
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