A Thank You To The Devs/EA from a Preaquel fan

Thank you for not catering to the viral Internet bias against the era and delevlivering a full Star Wars experience. I literally lit up when I unlocked Qui-Gon Jin and heard that epic tune from his encounter with Maul on Tat.

Wile the game is supper grindy (even when you poor money into it)... I'm finding it to be a rewarding expirence, and no the game will only get better with time. I'm also think it would be supper cool to have bonues with teams like (Anakin, Padma, Luke, Leia, and Han). Relationship/Lineage bonuses for characters with significant bonds. Some Naruto games I've played have done this, with hidden bonuses and team names when certain characters are paired together.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next update. Keep up the good work guys, and may The Force be with you...always.
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