Jedi Only Event

It says you need 5 for every match but I feel there may be a possibility that you don't need exactly 5 toons and hopefully you can do it with 4 as I'm only now farming Eeth Koth, JC and QGJ. With luminara as well but she's almost 7 stars. What do you guys think, whether it will be strictly 5 or maybe you can enter with 4 but of course it will be more challenging.


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    They will require 5 characters of at least the star level that you are attempting before you can attempt it. This way, they can monetize the new toon (probably Yoda) by getting people to spend money to potentially get more Jedi up to at least 5* but also allowing FTP a chance at the new character, only slower. The 5 jedi at a certain star level is the gate.
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