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How good is he? Worth upgrading further? I thojght be stunned and removed turn meter for all light saber wielding characters but it's knky Jedi not sith.


  • sith not with
  • Cad is great for high single-target damage, particularly against Jedi, and for his guaranteed stun (unless resisted). The stun component works on all targets; only the turn meter reset is limited to Jedi. I just brought him in for a couple of my Galactic War matches this morning to shut down a very dangerous 5* Dooku long enough to kill him; stuns are perhaps the best way to deal with heavy counter threats, and Cad has one of the most reliable in the game.

    The problem is that Cad's upgrade shards only come from packs, which means you won't be upgrading his star levels without spending $$$$, and he's very squishy at say 3*; most of his item upgrades improve his damage output, rather than his HP or toughness. He's very useful in some circumstances, but might be hard to fit permanently into a high-level team.
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    Good review bro. Yeah usually I go straighth for dooku with his stun but always get blocked by a healer or wookie eifht before I get the kill off. Mainly bc my power level just hit 8k and I'm usually fighting 8.5-9k. I've been losing quite a bit recently in arena near rank 50
  • He seems viable if you have control over your characters, in pvp for defense he is pretty useless as the stun is only for one turn and he dies so quickly.
  • He is my best DPS and I use him whenever I can. When you are attacker in PVP, he is awesome considering all the Jedis + Dooku floating around.
    In defense, he is not that good as we all know how bad the AI manage single target hitter
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