With all the Poe talk, where is he??

I am arena ranked 10-20 on my server, and I fought a Poe team ONCE.
I clear GW everyday, I have never EVER ran into a Poe team. btw I am level 65 and encounter L65-70 teams in GW.

So with all the talking about Poe+DPS team, why am I not running into him more often? Am I missing something?


  • Noci
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    People use different characters. It's crazy, I know! No one has ever said that Poe was universally used, because no character is.
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    Lower lvl player (48) that has Poe. For GW I usually only run him when I am at a tough battle because he usually dies. I would guess it would be the same with most people.

    Arena I don't know I see him a couple times a day usually around rank 20-30. At my level he is not bad, he is fast but not top tier, also offense and defense is better balanced then what I have seen on youtube where people have 2 toons dead and everyone else less then half life before they even get a turn.
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    Come to my server. Only 2 people in top 20 do not run poe.
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    Poe is amazing, get good and you will see Poe.
    You can all go to hell, me... I'll go to Texas
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    different server shards have different metas. on my shard phasma is by far the most used leader. on other shards its qui gon jin. I think as people start to lose to certain leaders repeatedly they then farm that leader, so on one shard it may be lumi, on another it may be sidious. my shard is 58% phasma and 18% sidious, 76% between the two of them in the top 100. it would be interesting if others would compile their top 100 and give the percentages.
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