The Schwartz Strikes Back HAAT 49/50

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The Schwartz Strikes Back is a heroic tank guild is looking for a few members. We are affiliated with 3 heroic tanks guilds “Return of the Schwartz” and “A phantom Schwartz” and “A New Schwartz”. We currently have 49/50 members and are looking to fill our ranks. We require the use the chat app slack to communicate.

Guild reset times is 8:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Rancor opens at 4 pm EDT ((22 CET)) as soon as we have coins. There is a 24hr zero damage runs for rancor to ensure everyone gets Han shards

Tank raid opens at 1 pm EDT ((19 CET)) as soon as we have coins and uses this schedule: Day 1 P1 and P2 are open for 1 attack each, Day 2 p3 and P4 are open for 1 attack each.

Let me know if you are interested

Fuji Elmer (officer) Ally code 173-817-663

Gremlin (officer) Ally code 161-194-364 Line Id gizmothegremlin

AloaGoa (officer) Ally code 328-854-691 Line id aloagoa

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