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Greetings Heroes,

This week we will be discussing starting new up to emerging arena teams.

Based on today's availability of characters , what is the best characters should people focus towards.

(A) FTP advice desired
(B) How to spend on starting rosters
(C) Gear priorities

Arena, GW, or Event Teams that should be most important and what that looks like.

This thread is positive and is going to be about getting the best advice as we form a guide for the best advice. The best advice as deemed by the community will become part of our future guide series which will be locked threads with the best advice posted so its easily accessible and quick to use for future players who come to our academy via our archive!

Let the teaching begin!
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  • DatBoi
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    I recommend starting with farming a scoundrel team. Credit heists are one of the most important events of the game and will guarantee that you always have the credits to level up and promote characters. Characters like Stormtrooper Han and Lando are good toons to start with because they are easily farmable and are both rebels and scoundrels (you'll need rebels to unlock Palpatine).

    Also, only level/gear up characters you intend on using. I was held back a while because i would invest in every single character i unlocked instead of focusing on particular squads.
  • Guest
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    DatBoi wrote: »
    I recommend starting with farming a scoundrel team. Credit heists are one of the most important events of the game and will guarantee that you always have the credits to level up and promote characters. Characters like Stormtrooper Han and Lando are good toons to start with because they are easily farmable and are both rebels and scoundrels (you'll need rebels to unlock Palpatine).

    Also, only level/gear up characters you intend on using. I was held back a while because i would invest in every single character i unlocked instead of focusing on particular squads.

    I would not say Scoundrel especially but I would definitely recommend to farm Boba and Stormtrooper Han.
    Boba is great chars in almost every part of the game, he can put Damages Over Time (DoT), Ability block with an AoE (on all players) and he can hit very hard as long as enemies have buffs or debuffs. In addition, his one of those chars who can auto-resurrect which is a great asset when you begin.

    STH (Stormtrooper Han) is a Tank, able to take damage with a Taunt and provide Turn Meter to allies (TM) when he's hit.

    Both of them are very useful for Credit Heist, an event occurring each 6-12 days and providing playing a lot of credit. Credit are useful for gearing toons, but also to make them progress in levels (you need both credit and training droids that you drop with missions).

    There's thing that you don't need to do at the beginning : DO NOT gear up, shard up or anything on Chewbacca and Luke. They're useless so do no waste any resources on them. You might want to focus on JC (Jedi Consular) because he's a healer that can be helpful in the beginning and also because at level 60 you'll unlock ships battle and his ship is particularly useful.

    Do not spare into many chars, start with few of them. You should get a balanced squad so try to have different roles : Attacker, Tank, Support.
  • JVU420
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    For FTP I recommend focusing on your Arena team early. It will be the main source of crystals. You will not be able to finish GW but you will because this game is a grind to get frustrated that you can't finish we have all been there and got over the hump. Once you have a solid arena team, work on your raid team to get your raid gear. Then scoundrels for the credit heist.
  • Plan things out- use your phone and or a piece of paper. Who are you farming and who you will farm after-
    GW- Biggs, Lumi
    Arena- Ig- 88, st han
    Cantina battle - lando, dooku
    Cantina shipments- boba , qgj
    Guild- Jyn, JE
    Ships- Ships
    Lists vary but you get a general idea.
    Knowledge and experience from players who started helps a lot too. Also having a clear focus on who to farm and gear and etc.
  • Vampire_X
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    Love The Who to farm first direction, especially for new players as they have a lot of starter options now.

    Also, who is available early on considering the story nodes (lightside/darkside) are a factor that higher level players are not locked behind.
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  • Waez
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    I just started anew, but I've been playing since launch. I'm level 45 right now.

    The best advice I can give is to not be spread too thin.

    The best starting team is, imo:

    Lando from Cantina battles
    STHan from Arena Store
    Biggs from Galactic War Store
    Boba from Cantina Store
    Once you reach level 60, farm Wedge in the Fleet Store, and once you're level 69, farm him in Cantina Battles (after you've 7* Lando)

    Jedi Consular and Chewbacca are good starting characters, so level and gear them up until you no longer need them. But don't farm their shards.
    Talia is also very useful as a second healer in Arena and GW.

    For Arena, run Lando, STHan, Boba, Biggs, JC until you get Wedge. Then, replace JC with Wedge.

    In GW, try to save your abilities until the harder Nodes near the end.
    I run Lando, Chewbacca, Boba, Talia and JC for maximum sustain.
    Once you get Wedge, use him as a leader, since he grants you a lot of sustain.

    With this farm route, you'll get 3 good scoundrels (Boba, Lando, STHan) to help you during the Credit Heist.
    You also get a very good rebel team, that can be used to get Palpatine.

    If any new player has questions, feel free to PM me, I'll gladly answer.

    With these characters, I reached the top 50 in Arena, and can finish GW every day.

    General advice for the game:

    - Don't try to farm, level and gear everyone. Focus on 1 team and maybe a few other characters.

    - Use your crystals to refresh energy (normal or cantina). This will grant you more exp and resources.

    - Do NOT buy Chromiums unless you're planning to spend thousands. They are a beginner trap.

    - The most important activities are Arena (Crystal payout), Galactic War (Credits, crystals and shards), Raids (Gear, Credits are specific shards), Credit Heist (A lot of credits) and Challenges (Gear).

    - Try to find powerful allies to help you in your Dark and Light Side battles. You can use the forums or the Swgoh Reddit to find ally codes.

    - Try to join a guild that does Heroic Raids as soon as you have a 7* character. Even if you do 0 damage, the rewards are really useful. Head to the guild section to find one.
  • Spyda
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    1) Jedi Counselor
    When first starting out on your journey, you'll be given a number of light and dark side characters for free simply by progressing through the game. One of these characters will be the Jedi Counselor. He's your first light side healer and he will remain a valuable asset to your team well into the later parts of the game. After you hit level 60 he will also serve a second purpose as the crew member of one of your first ships. If you have invested your time into gearing and leveling him up, he will provide you a significant advantage over those who have not as you work towards building up your fleet. Shards for Jedi Counselor can also be found in many places throughout the game making it a simple task to increase his star count. He is also one of the easiest characters to gear up and consequently one of the first characters that can acquire gear levels VII and up due to the low level requirements of the gear that he uses. There are arguments that could be made for many of the different characters that you will come across, but the Jedi Counselor is a solid investment and not one that you'll likely regret.

    2) Your mystery character
    Because EA is generous and they love their players, they've fixed the first Chromium pack that you buy so that it will always provide you a 3 or 4 star character. They also provide you enough crystals that you can usually acquire it around the time that you hit level 8 and gain access to the arena. This will likely be the first unique character that you acquire. In many cases (depending on what character you get) an investment in this character can give you an early lead in your arena bracket, which if maintained, could result in an increased daily income of crystals, and who doesn't like that.
  • Vampire_X
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    danrussoa wrote: »
    F2P should get fives first. Fives is the SWGOH MVP in my opinion and will help new players the most, early on.

    Based on Arena or General advancement (story nodes / Gw) ?
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  • Guest
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    I would add something to what I said previously :

    I do not recommend new player to go with Jedi. The main issue with this faction is that they are rapidly underpowered compared to other factions. They become great at end game so you should farm them as a minor thing after you got your first goals.

    At the moment, Rebels are great for many things (Raids, Galactic War, Arena and story mode). So I would recommend to go with them.

    Also, it's not about character directly but this is related : save you crystals for energy refresh (both Cantina and Story mode). Cantina is your top priority, you want to get gears as fast as you can to develop your chars. Do not spend more that 100 crystals on refresh, you can wait for the day after.

    And finally, there's an important thing to know : 3 times a day, there's a free energy gift -> At 12.00 PM, you get 45 energy for both Cantina and Story mode, then 18.00PM and 21.00PM there's another one 45 energy refresh for Story mode. This is a thing to know because if you don't pick them within 2 hours, they vanish.
    I personally use them every time for Hardnode giving shards in Story mode or when you need to farm purple gear.
  • Waez
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    danrussoa wrote: »
    F2P should get fives first. Fives is the SWGOH MVP in my opinion and will help new players the most, early on.

    Fives isn't really good outside a Clone team, which itself isn't useful outside the AAT Raid. I wouldn't prioritize Fives at all.
  • Vampire_X
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    Nickielll wrote: »
    For starters I would say to focus on scoundrels, rex, biggs and wedge, teebo for the pit!
    After that choose a faction with good sinergy, like resistence, FO or another one, to be ready to att and have more fun!

    Part of this thread is crowd source good comps, we will summarize at the end of the week next Thursday, and we will start a new topic! (Things like energy, daily items, etc) so really looking to provide people the best toons to gather first, and what secondary characters they should develop for progressing
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  • To start good in the game you need to focus in one team only, i like droid team so i started with droids, hk-47 (arena) as leader, ig-88(arena), ig-86(galactic war), jawa engineer (guild shipments), chief nebit (arena)
    but still farm other characters in other stores, like in the cantina battles the best to farm first is qui-gon jinn
    if you found a guild that already clear raids fast i suggest farming the new meta of siths darth maul (guild shipment and fleet store) as leader, darth sidious (arena), savage opress (arena), Palpatine (event after getting rebels), count dooku (hardnodes and cantina)
    to farm emperor palpatine it's better to use a rebel team with jyn erso(guild shipments)/wedge Antilles (cantina)/admiral ackbar (arena/ships event/fleet store)/lando calrissian (cantina) as leaders by that order of preference, using stormtrooper han (arena), princess leia(arena), chirrut imwe (fleet store, if not using ackbar), biggs darklighter (galactic war preferable is to use biggs and wedge together even if wedge isn't a leader), wedge antilles (cantina) if not used as leader, lando calrissian (cantina) if not used as leader, both the cantina characters are hard to get shards but they are overpowered i suggest farming wedge first then lando
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  • This will serve as a general overview of your options in early game somas to maximize your farming and minimize your wasted time/effort. It is not a hard and fast rule that you follow this guide, but it will give you a big lead early on if you are planning to play as F2P as it is geared towards maximizing your arena team.

    There are three main synergies availible at the early stage of the game: Rebels, Scoundrels, Jawa. Portions of each of these synergies can be farmed from different locations (i.e. cantina, cantina shipments, GW, regular nodes, etc). Below is a list of the recommended early toons and where you can find them. Your goal will be to try and pick one toon from each area (several that require normal energy) and focus on them exclusively.

    Leia, Cassian, or Stormtrooper Han - Arena shipment (Leia is a very offensive toon, Cassian is an excellent utility character STH is a tank toon - this is personal preference)
    Biggs - Galatic War/Hard mode 4-A DS/Cantina 3-G
    Lando (L) - Cantina battle 1-E (PRIORITY CANTINA CHARCTER)
    Luke Skywalker
    Admiral Ackbar - will unlock via ship training as you level

    Lando (L) - Cantina battle 1-E
    Boba Fett - Cantina shipment/Hardmode node 2-B, 4-E DS
    Cad Bane - GW shipments
    Stormtrooper Han - Arena shipments

    Jawa Scavanger - Cantina shipments
    Jawa - Cantina battle 2-D/Hard mode 4-F LS/Hard mode 6-B DS (PRIORITY CANTINA CHARACTER)
    Chief Nebit (L) - Arena shipment
    Datacha - GW shipment/Hard mode 3-B, 3-F LS/Cantina 2-G
    Jawa Engineer - Guild store (this will be very slow in the beginning until you have a 6* character for tank rewards and eventually a 7* for rancor)

    Fifth slot toons that are not a wasted focus:
    Jedi consular - Hard node battles 1-B LS, 1-D DS, 3-C DS/Cantina 3-A
    IG-86 - Hard node battles 2-F DS, 4-D LS/Cantina 4-E (do not farm from GW shipments)

    Early progression will be achieved by borrowing allied toons (ask in main chat for ally codes and ally invite all high level members of your guild), as such DO NOT FOCUS ON TOONS YOU DO NOT NEED LATER!

    All early toons will require some minimum gear/leveling/ability upgrading. The suggested stopping points for toons like this are as follows:
    - Gear V
    - Ability level 3
    - Level 40-45

    Rebels will provide the easiest starting point and can easily be rounded out by Boba Fett for arena play creating a very strong early team. Luke will likely be replaced by Boba as soon as you can activate him. REBELS ARE THE RECOMMENDED CHOICE FOR NEW PLAYERS!

    Jawa are much more specalzied in that they will provide you with an AAT team capable of doing fairly high damage quite quickly, however they are slow to get started and compete for gear quite badly with one another. Recommended for experienced players looking to start an alt.

    Scoundrels are acquired mostly as overlap with a rebel synergy and allow you to do credit and training droid heists early on. STH does provide an extra scoundrel, but Chewie will get you into the events as a very weak third. You will eventually need to farm additional scoundrels as you level, but that can be set aside for now until you have gained some experience.
  • Pro tip: Use the favourite flag to highlight your chosen top priority toon (s). Keep your favourites to a focussed minimum, no more than a squad of five.

    Now every time you view your roster when wondering what to farm or upgrade next change the filter straight to your favourites. Do this every time and keep focussed and you'll be surprised how quickly your chosen team can be upgraded and geared.
  • Rumpelstilzchen
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    Vampire_X wrote: »
    Greetings Heroes,

    This week we will be discussing starting new up to emerging arena teams.

    Based on today's availability of characters , what is the best characters should people focus towards.

    (A) FTP advice desired
    (B) How to spend on starting rosters
    (C) Gear priorities

    Arena, GW, or Event Teams that should be most important and what that looks like.

    This thread is positive and is going to be about getting the best advice as we form a guide for the best advice. The best advice as deemed by the community will become part of our future guide series which will be locked threads with the best advice posted so its easily accessible and quick to use for future players who come to our academy via our archive!

    Let the teaching begin!

    +1 Brilliant idea

    100% F2P - FWIW - Right now my Arena team is Sith/Emp - Jedi. I hover around 150

    L - Emperor Palpatine - 7* g10 spd 177 - 181% CD
    Darth Vader 7* g9 spd 187 - 150% CD
    Darth Sidious 7* g10 spd 201 - 150% CD
    Royal Guard 7* g9
    Jedi Knight Anakin 7* g9 spd 172 - 186% CD

    To get EP from event, build a rebel team to 7* g8. L - Wedge, Biggs, Leia, Scariff Rebel Pathfinder, Storm Trooper Han or General Akbar. Mods cc/ cd/ health for Leia, Wiggs, defense runes for Sth/Srp.
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  • Supercat
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    This is going to be a great subforum.
    Thanks Vampire_X and CG_Kozispoon!!!
    Don't be a jerk(4), and follow forum guidelines.
  • The 4 most important thing early on are:

    1) Complete GW every single day. Since you don't have a big roster yet, get some healers. Jedi Consular is a very good healer for GW because of his quick cooldown. Luminara is also a great healer that you can get with GW currency. Finally, Old Daka is a great character that stuns, heals, and resurrects. She should probably be your first character from cantina currency, but once you have her unlocked feel free to switch to someone else.

    2) Obtain some Scoundrels. They're used in the credit heist, which is a biweekly event that awards massive amounts of credits. Once you can complete GW consistently, I would recommend getting some Scoundrels.

    3) Get one character to 7*. It really doesn't matter who it is, just get somebody to 7*. If you're a dedicated player, you should be able to find a guild that completes the Heroic Rancor that will accept you, even if you only have one eligible character and can't contribute much.

    4) Keep in mind the Emperor and Yoda. The Emperor is unlocked via an event that can only be attempted with a team of five different 5* Rebel characters. To get a sixth and seventh star for the Emperor, you have to have a team of five 6* Rebels and then five 7* Rebels. Unlocking Yoda is done the same way, but using Jedi instead of Rebels. Both the Emperor and Yoda are incredible characters. While unlocking them might not be an immediate priority, anybody that followed my first tip should already have two strong Jedi, Luminara and the Consular. It isn't a bad idea to get Qui-Gon out of the cantina store and farm two more so that you can get Yoda.
  • For PVE grab CP, 5's, Lumi, Leia, Rey (need to be guilded) . Great 1st Squad to help farm others. Build a Rebel after, then Sith/Empire, and Jedi so you will be ready for mod challenges. Work your way through LS/DS nodes, and Cantina. Rebels will be VERY handy for GW. If you have the patience when you are able farm Lando, to round out your Reb team. Next farm Jawas, Droids - HK, 88, 86, Poggle, if possible K2so, and finally JE. Don't get upset with GW it is what it is, farm it for tokens and credits.

    MOST IMPORTANT. SMUGGLERS! They are very needed for credit heist and droid smuggling. They will finance your squad development. Each week put the money you make back into levelling L - Boba, IG86, Cad Bane, STH, Chewie. Lando if you can.
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  • Great new section of the forums, and don't hesitate to ask any of the mods for advice as most if us have been playing this game since the beginning.
  • As soon as you can try to find a guild that does heroic raids. Some guilds will take lower level players as all they need is the daily 600 tickets. They can help you with advice and you can get raid gears etc.

    This game is about resource management. Don't spread yourself thin. What toons to choose depends on your expectations. Credits will disappear quite quickly if you are not careful. Credit heist and droid heist are essential, as you will need them to upgrade your toons. That being said gw, arena and ships are essential too. Lol.

    At the end of the day the most important thing is to enjoy the game. Just be patient if you are f2p like me.
  • Acrofales
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    As a starting player, Biggs is useless. He only becomes useful once you can farm Wedge. Phasma is probably the best toon to get first from GW. She's useful in arena at lower levels, in GW always and in AAT raid. Teebo if you want to get scores on Rancor. Lumi is decent: she's a great early game healer, and a useful Jedi.

    Other than that, I would always work on Boba, Lando and STHan for credit heist. Those three can basically do it alone: add any two other scoundrels you like. They also make a good basis for an early game arena team.

    From guild store, start farming Rex: another all around useful toon. Darth Maul is the meta of the day, but isn't all that useful by himself, and farming a sith team is not something you'll do overnight. You'll also want Palpatine for that, so see below. Another option from the guild store is Jyn, but she's harder to just throw into a team.

    Wiggs (Wedge+Biggs) is an easy to farm staple for midgame. They're useful everywhere in the game until endgame arena. I suggest farming Biggs as your second GW toon and getting Wedge from Cantina as soon as you can. I wouldn't buy him from fleet shipments, as there's too many other high priority items there. Vader, Rex and Chirrut shards, and ships blueprints.

    Wiggs+Lando+STHan+1 (Leia or Ackbar, usually) can easily get you Palp and 3* most story nodes. They also make a decent arena team until zetas and pre-taunters come into the picture.

    On the dark side, Sith and Empire are currently very strong. Vader, Palp and TFP are some of the strongest toons in the game right now. However, the dark side meta relies on zetas. Even so, it's worth farming toons like Maul, Kylo, Sid and RG for a good DS team. Try to stick with a theme, though, and Empire is more useful than Sith, because of mod challenges and occasional events.

    You'll eventually want to prepare for ships as well. Luckily Boba, Rex, JC, Wedge, Biggs, Maul and Vader all have good ships, and Ackbar makes a good capital for them.

    Finally, you'll need Jedi to unlock 5dot mods from the store (by completing their mod challenges). The best Jedi are QGJ, Aayla, JKA, IGD, Barriss, Yoda and Ahsoka (GK of course, but you'll want this team before you have a hope of unlocking GK. Maybe Ezra, but not farmable right now). The easiest to farm are Mace, Lumi, JC, QGJ and Ahsoka. Eeth Koth as well, but please don't. JKA, Barriss, QGJ and Aayla can be useful outside a full Jedi team. Note that this is not a futile waste of time in any case: you'll want Jedis for AAT raid, and a strong Jedi team can reach top Arena ranks. Old Ben is another Jedi worth considering, but imho he's not much good. Except perhaps to beat LS9B, which is a very niche use for a toon.

    Other than that it's up to you to discover what you enjoy, who you like playing with and what you want to focus on.
  • The best thing to help me grow was to find a great guild. They do all the work, I just produce tickets. I have no need for raid toons, which saves me countless gear and tokens
  • Neo2551
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    I started in February 2016, I rank top 3 at my payout and I pay the 21 days subscription as a support for the Devs. Here is my advice for beginner.

    First of all, this game is a marathon. You will have to be patient.

    Then set your expectation: you will be able to maximize 1 toon per months more or less, so plan well.

    If you want to know who to farm, let's describe your main source of bottleneck to your progress and your main sources of income.

    Credit and gear will be your limiting factor at low level. You have two ways to overcome this: GW and arena (with crystals).

    GW and arena live in a difficult balance: if you focus only on your arena team, your GW will become impossible, whereas if you only focus on GW, you might lose on crystal rewards.

    I personally think GW brings you more income for you energy and hence should be prioritized first.

    At low level and at the time of writing, I would recommend to farm the following:

    - Guild: Rey
    - Cantina: Lando
    - Cantina shipment: Boba
    - Arena: 88 (unlock), STH (unlock), HK (unlock)
    - GW: Teebo (unlock), Luminara (unlock), 86 (3*), Cad Bane (5*).

    You absolutely are not allowed to use these in arena: if you improve them and use in arena, they will increase the difficulty of your GW.

    This will set you right to get credit income and crystal from GW at a good pace.

    Once you have reached these results, you can slowly work on a rebel team to complete the Empire desmise challenge.

    Moreover focus on your gear: you won't be able to gear everyone unless you pay a lot of crystal.
  • Rumpelstilzchen
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    Focus on one squad at a time. Do not fall prey to "ooooooh shiny... WANT". What ever squad you decide to do first, make it your sole focus. Don't gear or level xp on any other teams or heroes. Until you get your current team to at least g8, you are on a mission, DO NOT FAIL! We old timers have made the mistakes, hopefully you won't. You are going to see green icons pop on heroes you aren't working with. IGNORE THEM. Save the credits etc. If you don't listen to anything else, listen to what I'm saying. ONE SQUAD AT A TIME. Some will say "I built 9 squads at once....". Remember B*S is the most popular class in any game. I strongly suggest you build a Rebel Team FIRST. Why? They are the single most versatile team in game. You can go all the way to 7* g11 and be formidable (for now) in Arena, or g8 and be strong in GW, etc. Next you will need a Darkside Team. Sith/Empire is hot now. Grab DS, DV, SO, CD, RG. And RG is the single toughest most durable and essential tank in game. Yes there are better, but RG is the most accessible of all the tanks. He unlocks in the cantina and is farmable. Once your Rebel and S/E teams are at least g8, you can start THINKING about your next squad, I suggest Scoundrels.

    Info to be aware of. (Player Level is the blue bar top left)

    Guilds are only an option when you hit Player Level 20+

    Galactic War is only an option when you hit Player Level 40+ (LEARN HOW TO USE RETREAT!!!)

    Do not focus on an Arena team only, the higher and stronger it gets, the harder GW becomes. (opinions vary but it seems this is still true). Once you get to a comfortable rank in arena, and are making 400 tokens, and getting free gems easily each reset, you can coast and just maintain. Ignore the carrot chase and worry about that later, if ever.

    Hope this helps. More when my coffee kicks in.

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  • At beginning levels the I would start with a team that has at least one taunting tank, a brutal attack(Sidious/Rey/other high damage with low health), some one to infilict debufs, someone to heal your team, and some one with a leader ability that helps most in your team. A good starting team that is not to hard to get would be Darth Sidious as leader, Stormtroop Han/Clone Wars Chewbacca as the tank, Rey(use a different attaker with high damage until you get her), fives for speed down debufs, and Luminara Unduli/Tailafor healer and buffs(unless you have Bariss Offee in which case use her).
  • CF_Jedi1234
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    At start, you should jump to focussing on what you have till you unlock cantina. Once you do, farm Luke. He is great at lower levels and helps a lot early on. Then go on to farm Poe/Fives from Cantina Shipments. Fives will work good at lower, and become useful again for some time once you unlock Omegas. He is great at 1v1, incase you need that in arena. Poe will deal lesser damage, but Taunt and Expose, making him better for low damage team. You should unlock them and try to reach 2, so that you can unlock Old Ben. He will be a great pre ships-post mods character and useful if you are going for Jedi. Then farm Lando. Lando should help in arena and other battles for a long time. Once you have a team that is good enough for you, do achievements to unlock Vader. He practically will be your most important character till Level 70. Then again post 80.Then go on and try to keep a good arena rank, since from Arena Shipments you will need several characters. Princess Leia, Darth Sidious, Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress Admiral Ackbar, Greedo and Stormtrooper Han are good choices.
    Princess Leia- She works good in any team, good mid-level Rebel Leader if you run Luke and any other crit based Rebel.
    Darth Sidious- He works great till G7, then again post G10. His lead is not to bad for early arena. Savage- Good mid-level and endgame toon.
    Asajj Ventress- Good if you are working on some low damage/ speed toons.
    Admiral Ackbar- Slower to unlock, but one of the best dispeller. He is also a Fleet Commander, so great addition.
    Greedo- He is worst here, but easiest Scoundrel to farm. He+Lando+Chewbacca will be enough for T1 of credit heist.
    Stormtrooper Han- Beast Taunt to replace Chewbacca, he works well in Scoundrel/Rebel Teams
    Then once you have a good team, focus on keeping synergy. Then farm Boba. He+Lando+StH will be great for all Tiers of Credit Heist.
    When you unlock GW, the first one should be easy to complete if paid any attention to Jedi Consular. You should keep doing it to farm Luminara. She should replace Jedi Consular. Then Unlock Biggs/Phasma.
    Biggs- He is great against crit based teams and empire. Plus he and Fives should help any low damage team.
    Phasma- She and Fives will work if Fives has his basic Omega. She also gets more assists, Advantage and medium damage, so a good toon to get.
    After that, you should focus on building only one team. Keep good synergy, and you should be fine.
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  • Also, Luke can be replaced by Geonosian Soldier at post unlocking Ships.
    1...2...3! You're dead!
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