Any Singapore Guilds?

Currently in an SG guild with 30 active players. About 20 are regular 600/600 players. Looking to merge with another SG guild to do more raids regularly. Reply here no Discord yet. Thanks!


  • Ayy mate, we're a SG guild looking to merge to do HAAT. May I ask if you guys are doing HAAT? Better yet we could take this discussion off forum, PM me or something :)
  • Hi guys im in a SG based guild too. We're almost ready for Heroic. Drop me pm or line @DelKenobi to discuss further if interested
  • My ally code is 683-818-953
  • Doing Heroic Rancor raids actively. Friendly Sg guild. Active players around 20+, waiting to fill up remaining 20+ slots with active bros and sistas.... would be able to go for HAAT soon. contact our officer, padakyinz#8147 @ discord to link up with our GL. :)
  • Hey madeline :kissing_heart:

    My guild is now at 49/50 alrdy but nowhere near HAAT capability :D

    U can contact the big guns @DelKenobi @Bazz or @Benduknee for SG HAAT guilds tho. Good luck girl! ;)
  • Bazz
    48 posts Member
    Let us know if you need a SG HAAT guild. We close it off in under 1 hour.
  • any SG guilds available? we are looking for players or mergers
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