Buying a pack w/ a character I already have?

I've have a 1* IG-86
I'm tempted to buy the droid assassin pack because I want IG-88 and HK-47.
Will the 1* IG-86 that comes in the pack be added to the 1* IG-86 I already have; thus upgrading it to a 2* IG-86 ??


  • I believe you will get a few shards. Or sharts.
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  • I got a second jedi consular I already had unlocked and didn't need shards it just basically stole my 350 crystals gave me nothing in return. The game is designed evil greedy's what do you expect
  • how do you get 2 same characters ?
  • djwarcr wrote: »
    how do you get 2 same characters ?

    You don't, it gives you Shards instead. I don't buy Chomium packs anymore, unless you're starting out (or REALLY lucky) they're kind of a waste, I use crystals for energy refills.
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