Clones in AAT HEROIC Phase 2 = 3m Damage

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Hello my little lovers of Star Wars! Today I want to tell you a review on a pack of clones with lei that cause a lot of damage on the 2 and 4 phases of the tank.
My video is shot on the second it so by the way.
Let's start with a review of the package as a whole and the modules they need.The leader of the pack is Cody, because he gives the clones 30% chance for a critical strike and Cody himself gives defense, thanks to it he gets little damage, but not the essence.
He should put the modules speed, the more the more often we will use 212 attacks. Ideally, we need a high-speed set of modules.
The chance of a critical strike plays a very important role, since the main damage to the clones comes from its ability to attack 212!
The essence of this ability is that Cody calls all clones in support and 1 one random ally, Each critical strike of the assistants reduces the cd's ability by 1, to the word CD abilities in total is 6 moves.
The next clone is Echo.It needs to be equipped with critical strike and damage sets and put modules with maximum attack in additional characteristics.
Since he deals the main damage with a unique passive ability, thanks to which he has a 30% chance to come to the aid of the ally when using the main attack, but will deal 40% less damage.
For the Clones, the chance of summoning is doubled.Has an increase in the scale of the move from the main attack and a special ability for the area.It also has a unique ability to restore 7% of all health clones when it uses the basic ability, it does not fire more than 2 times per turn.Next Fives.Also we put him the fashion for critical damage and chance, with additional characteristics for the attack.
I gave him a speed arrow so that he would more often walk and shoot double attacks to increase the chance of calling Echo.
Also put an end to efficiency for better superposition-speed on the tank.And so there were 2 unreviewed characters this Sergeant and Princess, these characters play an important role.Let's start with the sergeant, this is the main aggressor or just a man with a machine gun!We put him modules for critical damage and chance, maximum attack.
This character pours himself a 50% turn scale with auto attack on a critical strike (and he is almost always critical).
Has a damage on the area.
And a super unique ability that gives him a critical damage of 4.5% for each clone and increases the critical chance by 10% for a critical strike, he imposes himself an attack. That is, it turns out 50% + 10 + 30 + 25 = 115%. We pass to the last aggressor - the princess. Its main advantage is to put a positive effect on the chance of a critical hit (25%) with a unique ability, 55% to increase the attack on 2 moves during an attack.
And with the same chance, he recovers 5% of his maximum health.Fashion is a critical chance and damage.We want invisibility to the extent possible, so that there will always be an increase in attack and critical damage and we press an auto attack.
If you still have questions about the abilities of the characters, you can go into the game and read, because after the last update everything was informative and simple!Let's move on to the mechanics of combat:
We will need to demolish 3 cannons from the tank for 1 turn to get 2 gains:
1) 100% overcoming the protection And
2) 25% of the speed this reinforcement is very important to us,
I want to remind you that the more speed Cody has the more times you can use 212 attacks and consequently cause more damage.And the most important thing is to press the attack button 212 at Cody's cd when the tank is shot down).
Why is the cd dropped to 212 attacks because it has cd 6, and allies 5?! Fives double attack and ley at least 1 time shoots.
That's all, actually) Enjoy watching) The main problems of the pack are:
1) failing to critically hit one of the attackers, which leads to an inferior cd drop of 212 attacks.
2) the severity of the survival of the princess after the fire damage to Tank, the recovery of health and health in general is not enough.
3) Little chance for multiple attack of the princess.
4) Chance of Summoning Echo.
5) Resistance overlap-speed from Fives.
6) Time of collection of Sergeant splinters.
Pros of this pack:
1) Great damage, thanks to him you can easily enter the top of the damage on the tank.
2) Possible use of this bundle on the GW and the arena, this is of course, but at least not for nothing shook))
In conclusion, I can say that the presented attempt was average for Uranium and amounted to about 18% of the health of the tank. There were attempts and better, more than 20%. So the choice is yours, is it worth pumping this pack and taking the top.
I hope the video was useful, put a finger up under the video and leave your comments.Join the group on the game link was at the bottom of the video or go to the link in the description, I'll be glad to see you there. And on this I have everything, To new meetings.
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