a pseudo-F2P's guide to 9-B and 9-C, and how to get Baze on farm

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I am a level 85 jyn (soon Z-jyn) lead chaze wiggs user (K-assian coming up). Today, I finally figured out how a pseudo-f2p like me can defeat 9-B and 9-C-putting the most valuable character in this game on farm.

Firstly, from this point onwards, I am assuming that:
1. you place <=100th in arena
2. you are focusing on R1 rebels
3. you either have the daily booster or have a net income of >=200 crystals per day.

firstly- 9-B

The killer of many players, 9-B is far harder than both its predecessor 9-A and its successor 9-C. The biggest problem with this node is the AoEs and Boba/Embo in the third wave.

here are some exploits:
1. Cartel bruisers are far slower than saboteurs
2. there can be only 3 saboteurs in wave 1, and 4 Bruisers in Phase 2.
3. Boba only revives IF he already killed a member of your crew
4. None of the characters have protection, so expose is your go-to.
5. AoEs are common

team i used: Jyn lead Chaze Lando biggs + Wedge ally (all g11, with speed mods)
Teams viable: R1, Phoenix

First wave is plain dumb luck. Hope for 3 saboteurs to appear, then HOPE at least one only hits your pre-taunter. If it's baze, even better due to the counter, feeding TM to chirrut.

If chaze is used here, after 2 saboteurs Chirrut should go, and with his special he SHOULD crit for ~20k. Add that to Baze and the saboteur that hasn't gone yet should be eliminated. If lando/wiggs used, save the AoEs. Next clean up with wiggs if R1/rebels.

second wave is less luck, but still you need RNG at your side. Hope for zero IGs and pre-loaded TM, and use 2 Aoes here if rebels (lando and Wedge). For Phoenix, ONLY use basics here.

Final wave is a challenge. Due to immense HP, Baze's unload and Jyn expose works really well here, which is why R1 rebels have the advantage. If running a full r1 team, Cassian's shock grenade should be used here, and the debuff-landing shot used on Embo/Boba. kill Boba first before he has a chance to aoE (do apply ten up from chirrut just in case though). After Boba kill embo, and you should have 2/3 chars left. If chaze is still standing, GOOD. You can use them here. Kill off the saboteur, leaving 2 bruisers. As long as you have 2 characters or more, they will use their AoE, which packs less of a punch. You will notice that Chaze's counter keeps them at full health, and if zJyn is used, the HoTs should keep the protection up too. By the time the bruisers have less than 20% health, chirrut may have died but Baze certainly has not. Unload one more time and you'll kill 9-B!

For Phoenic users, this level should be a breeze with Zeb's stagger a dn ezra's stacking offense. target boba, but stagger Embo.

Even if you can't 3-star 9-B, this isn't a problem, as most really want 9-C instead of 9-B. Baze>>Shore in every mode, so 9-C is far more important.
Unlike 9-B, 9-C has B1s which deal focused damage to ONE enemy. With a team that even struggles with 9-B, 9-c sill still be very easy. Only concern is b2s killing all buffs, so don't AoE until b2s are killed.

After unlocking and 3* ing 9C, refresh energy TWICE a day-you'll need to do so to be in a hAAT guild anyways. Also refresh baze's node once-the net drop rate is 1/3, so you ill be getting him at 50 crystals/shard-like any f2p character.

Once baze is 7*, along with r1 rebels, you'll clear 9-B in no time. Good luck and hope this helped.
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