Payment troubles

Hi guyz, I bought a dark side starter pack, got some payment error, but my money was spent and I have mailed about my pursache on gmail but I have no items from pack in game.
Any help?


  • Its a long shot in the dark... but click the gear in the upper left hand corner... and go to "restore purchases" if nothing happens.... ull have to email support
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  • Already.. Nothing happens
  • Support tell you to contact Apple/Google as they have no records of payments.

    iOS have a 14 day money back, even works for in app purchases, just go to your account through iTunes and select the payment and click report a problem then select cancel a purchase.

    I did it just the other day as I bought a few things on my iPad and when I went to play on my Samsung the account won't transfer so cancelled my iOS purchase and got a refund in just a couple of hours.

    Android is a little more tricky but it can be done.
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    I use android, automated moneyback works only for 2 hours, and I didnt know that before the time is run out
  • Got it! =D
  • Got it! =D

    Did you get your money back, or did the pack finally come through?
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