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  • JWH
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    My favorite parts were unlocking Vader and 7* my Kit Fisto in what seemed like the first time I've ever seen him deployed. He's a fun character especially when paired with 7* QGJ. I love my team of light saber teams.
  • Baal
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    Trolling is fun.
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    Lightsabers :)
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    I enjoy the fact that I don't have to spend dough to get great heroes and villains. I enjoy the anticipation of working towards Dooku slowly and Vader with achieves. Lastly, I enjoy the aspect of mixing dark side and light side. You end up with Sidious fighting alongside Obi-Wan. I see how competitive people are sometimes and I'm glad they enjoy that aspect, but this is just a whole lot of fun for me.

    Good luck on the battlefield!
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    1) collecting and upgrading characters
    2) pvp arena
    3) GW
  • Terminex
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    I enjoy trying to maintain my ~1000 ranking in Team Arena (I know, its not 1st or top 10, but it's good enough for me, 450 was my best ever). I also really enjoy seeing matchups you wouldnt see in any other Star Wars production, like when Leah flattens Han with her blaster. I mostly enjoy collecting new characters. This apparently isn't really the best strategy though, as I too have spread myself too thin, hitting lvl 70 today, but only having one 6* hero (Phasma) and several 5*.

    I realized the weakness of my "core" team with the GW update on 1/28, and I hadn't completed a GW since then, until last night. Granted, my matchings were a little more ballanced, but adjusting my team and trying new strategies did help. I am grateful for the lessons learned, and am now focusing on farming shards for Lumia, Sid, and Jedi Consular (and whoever else is in my top 10 if I have extra energy).

    I really love this game, and I realize that a lot of my posts on this forum could be perceived as negative, however I only complain because of the time and energy I've devoted to this great game, and I want to succeed, and not feel slighted. I also realize that this game is still very early in it's life-cycle, and I'm honored to be a part of it. Thanks EA/CG for a great game.
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