Thermal Detonators and AI

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There have been many posts about the need for thermal detonators to be fixed with plenty of evidence why.

Currently, if they were COMPLETELY removed from Nute, Greedo and Mob, all three would be more viable. This is clearly a problem.

Until this problem is resolved, maybe a easier fix would be to rework the AI so they simply auto attack only, instead of using it randomly asap (or if someone drops to low health).

Thank you for the update. But I fear the devs might think that they solved the problem. It's still there.


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    Agreed. I have Greedo and Nute and I really need Detonators to work better. But even so, don't use them. Greedo hits HARD. Nute is fast and hits HARD. What are you worried about? Even FOTP uses his first ability more than the second. It's how real players use heroes. Effectively. Not all abilities need to be used.
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