Getting bored about siming everything ?

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Hi there,

I was just thinking : what if the main problem of this game was about siming everything ?
That's why I got a brillant idea (yep, I know, arrogant... can't help it, I'm french, which also explain why my english is that bad).

Why don't EA do something quite good about RNG and sim ? This would look like that :

If you sim, drop rate is the same.

If you don't sim you have an option call "increasing difficulty" applying in every LS/DS and Cantina nodes.
This would go into 3 stages : Hard, Very hard and Hardcore.

What would it changes ? Doing a Hard node increase drop rate by 25%, a Very Hard by 50% and an Hardcore by 75%, can only by down manually, without auto.

That would also mean increasing difficulties for all the nodes before 9, letting people having as much difficulties as if it was a 9X nodes or 8X for cantina.

And that would make the Hard node even harder.

That would bring new content since there's no point farming a 2X node when you're 85 and more than everything, that would be funny.

Then, for everything, even without adding difficulties, having a 3 starred nodes would also bring more drop rate. 1* means 10%, 2* means 15% and 3* means 20%.

This way, a 3* Hardcore node would bring you nothing less than 95% drop rate, an almost total guaranty of having a gear/shard for people who invest themselves into the game by taking time and tactic to every node they're doing.

Guest out ! *Drop the mic*


  • EA wants you to sim. It eats up energy quickly in return for instant gratification. It's a video game/slot machine mentality.

    Players actually playing the nodes would slow down expenditure of energy and may result in frustruation.
  • Varlie
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    while Calbear is correct, i do like the suggestion. The numbers would have to be tweaked as there is no way the devs would give a 95% drop rate.
    Could you imagine a Hardcore Hard LS-9B??? Yikes
  • Guest
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    Even though, you still have to spend energy and so to buy energy refreshments. Moreover, it wouldn't bring any Raid gear, so you still have the option of buying it or doing raids, with random rewards. And finally, that would change the fact that people can still sim and get reward with RNG :)

    And for the drop rate, that was more about giving numbers than giving the motion values of it. I'm not dev so obviously, I don't have a word about choosing it.
  • I think it's a wonderful idea, and therefore destined to be filed away in a backwater feedback forum or megathread, or both if you are very lucky.
  • spotremix
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    or you could just stop simming everything. i rarely and i mean rarely sim anything. i usually play everything through, on occasion i will auto it 1x and once in a great blue moon i'll sim an extremely hard battle.
  • kalidor
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    I don't sim a lot of the easier nodes - just play & auto, especially now that 4x mode is available. However, 4x mode doesn't apply to the wipes, transitions or victory screen - that alone is worth a sim.
    Hardcode mode would be great. Can't sim it, guaranteed drops for all rewards, tough (like level 8-9 tough, depending on the level).
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    Yes but still, it's not only about siming or not, it's also about increasing drop rate, having the possibility of having a hard time on low level nodes, etc... This is about finding some stuff to do with reward at the end.
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