Long Term All Jedi Team



  • I'd say any five 5* Jedi team you can put together is good at this point.
  • @Akster Eeth Koth hasn't reached his full potential at all and is quite lackluster compared to other members of my team. Then again he's three star, I'm sure he will be better when I prepare him.
  • i would go for those guys if i wanted an all Jedi lineup.

    I would either go for Qui Gon for the speed, or Luminara for the heals and evasion.
    I would personally go for Luminara for leader but it's up to you
  • KueChael
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    Ahsoka is easy to get, very farmable.
  • Hi all,

    In anticipation for the upcoming Jedi event, who do we think is the best Jedi leader to use?

    Would be interesting to hear the views of others, because I don't know who's leader ability to focus on levelling!

  • I'm no expert but I will likely use Luminara.
  • I'm no expert but I would say QGJ or gun di

  • Barris or QGJ seem to be the best jedi leaders.
  • I'm no expert but I would say Old Ben once they fix the turn meter bonus on evade.
  • I think we'd actually have to know the fight specifics before making suggestions if you do want to use "the best". We may need Lum's healing to help win or QGJ's speed help or whatever by whomever to REALLY KNOW. Best to level up equally if you can and when the event opens, we'll/you will know more then so you can concentrate on specific abilities + gear then as the event isn't a one day thing.
  • QGJ, Gun di, new mace
  • W/out knowing who will be opponents in Event, I'm going with Lumi (Evasion+Heal). Than best options are Barriss (HP), QGJ (Speed) and Ima-Gun Di (Counters), but they're slower to farm to high stars.
  • KamikazeRhombus
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    I'm no expert but I would go QGJ or Barriss.
  • Asic
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    All sufficient

    It depends on how the challenges are built

    GW- healer / dodge leader
    Cantina or battles - quan or mace would be just fine. ImaGunDi vs AoE....

    Really no one stands out so just build up all skills first
  • Just to clarify. I will likely use Luminara because my choices will be Anakin, Mace, Ahsoka, Luminara, and Jedi Consular. I don't have a high enough starred Qui-Gon Jinn for him to be an option, and I don't have a Bariss at all.

    But I'm no expert.
  • I am going for the same team but Barriss instead of windu
  • Ahsoka would interfere with Qui Gon.
  • Ahsoka would interfere with Qui Gon.

    How do you mean? I don't see how Ahsoka interferes with Qui-Gon.
  • Ahsoka would interfere with Qui Gon.

    How do you mean? I don't see how Ahsoka interferes with Qui-Gon.

    They interfere in cantina shipments ;)
  • Ah, got it. I thought there was some synergy thing I was missing. Thanks!
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