Questions on Luke/Han/Chewbacca

How do you get Luke Skywalker with the lightsaber seen in trailers? Do you eventually get him by upgrading his stars? Or will he later become available as a new hero?

Same with Han Solo and Chewie. Should we expect separate versions or will the Stormtrooper and Clone War version eventually evolve?

Finally, do the pool of available heroes expand as your player level increase? Or will the game add more heroes in the future? I see some prominent heroes missing in the initial list (such as Padme).



  • I think its safe to say we'll see the same heroes offered but with different graphics/names. I think I've encountered a different Han Solo and Bespin Luke in the story so far.
  • December 18th will see Rey, Finn, Hux and Kylo Ren at the very least, at a guess.
  • Waiting for EA's reply
  • Was disappointed Yoda, Jedi Luke, R2, and normal Han Solo were absent.
    "That is why you fail."
  • They will be different characters. The Bespin Luke with the Lightsaber is called "Luke Skywalker (Rebel)"
  • I wonder how many characters we will see eventually? I'm about to have 45 of the potential 65 in a few days.
  • I hope they do a ROTJ Luke, because from the movies that's when he was at his strongest! Also a dark side anakin before the suit. Just to mix things up with effectively one character on both sides? Yoda I need in my life! Young Obi-Wan is also a necessity. No doubt each set brought out will cost £40, but us nerds will still buy em xD
  • Oh man, I hope that they will release Obi-Wan Kenobi as a jedi knight when he was training Anakin. I LOVE his character to death, including Old Ben, but I really connected with his personal growth from Episode 1 - 3. I know many don't like those, so obviously this is my opinion. Really really hope they add him in there!
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