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How do I switch from Mace to Ackbar?


  • Drax_77
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    Click to enter a battle, then click on the capitol ship, this should give you the option to choose between the 3.
  • hnspty
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    Thanks to a friend, the answer is go into battle and then press the capital ship on the upper left side of your screen. The menu pops up to choose.
  • I think the better question is why would you want to switch? I get first everyday with mace, and rarely fall below 6th. The other 9 ships in my top 10 run ackbar, doesn't matter if they have scimitar or tie advanced or whatever. Play about 2 rounds and see what their strategy will be, spam target locks and debuff if I need to, then let auto do the rest. Rarely do I lose this way.
  • hnspty
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    edited April 2017
    Thanks to you both. On my shard, switching just got me to 43 from 50. Suspect it has to do with which shard you are on.
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