Lineup help

So i know there is no "wrong way" to go, bit im looking for some input on where to go next. My current squad is 7* lumi, 7* sid, 6* luke, 5* poe, 5* jc. I know luke was prob a mistake but he crits good damage, and im too far behind on gs, so hes in for now.
I have phasma at 4*, dooku at 4*, daka, ig86, and some other lower level guys that pretty much everyone has. I only have lumi and jc, so i likely wont be able to level up 3 other jedis last enough for the event. So my questions are:
Is phasma a viable replacement for luke?
Should i farm kylo or mace instead of finishing off luke?
Anyone else that might work well with my team?

Appriciate the input!


  • JWH
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    Honestly, I love Kylo. You can't go wrong with him imho.
  • Baal
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    Phasma is different than luke, more attacks and a useful speed debuff, but not nearly as much single turn damage. With your team I'd chose her over luke.

    Kylo over mace...unless the changes to mace are a drastic improvement.
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    Thanks for the input guys. I think im gonna takeyour advice and start farming kylo.
    In the galactic war tree though, im not sure if i should continue phasma or maybe switch to poggle...not much else of interest coming out of there. I guess i could load up on lumi shards to trade in during the event but im not sure how thats gonna work.
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