How strong will the new event character be?



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    OP Tier
    OP will he be. Of this i am certain. :)
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    Mid Tier
    Yoda, the green goblin should be OP? I did not like how Kylo 'the crouchy" looks. Make more characters like Dooku.
    When Star Wars doubled down on their abomination characters like Jar-Jar and such beasts, it went to junk mode fast
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    OP Tier
    Op or op not. There is no high.
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    OP Tier

    - Speed tier 5
    - DPS like Rey
    - Squad healer or defense up or tenacity up
    - Ultra-high tenacity
    - Dodger
    - Low health

    Fair enough.
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    Hopefully it is Poe tier
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    Basic: throw ship - deals very high aoe damage and stuns enemies 100% chance.

    Attack 1: Old man Yoda - Yoda takes enemy team to school, aoe stunning the enemy team with his knowledge of the force 100% chance, and removes 50% of enemy turn meter while they revaluate their life.

    Unique: spider monkey - Yoda breakdances on your face dealing medium single target damage, exposes target and applys offense down for 2 rounds.

    Leader: Disturbance in the force - All allies gain foresight giving them 20% evasion, and 10% Hp for every Jedi alive.

    The spider monkey skill should trigger an animation from everyone else on the battlefield acknowledging that the target just got served.
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    High Tier
    Prolly has high multiplier variance to make him/her/it okay at 5* really good at 6* and amazing at 7*.
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    OP Tier
    I wonder what will come after Yoda's Masterstroke? I do not think it will be appropriate for any age.

    Considering the requirements to get Yoda. He will be definitely OP.
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