No boost for team specific comps??

I am a late bloomer for the game only level 45. I really enjoy the game and have spent some but not a lot to get a decent amount of comps. I have seen no boost for having same "type" of comps in formations??? And right now for arena being the only thing to build a team for what's the point in leveling anyone else?? Now meta is counter Jedi on my server I personally don't run this as I lack omi. But I still rank top 10 with basically just thrown together best comps that I have leveled. Personally I would love to build and run specific teams such as all sith, empire, droid etc. But because takes so long and hard to level gear and talents I can't afford to slack on mains. If there was a boost for certain types I would defiantly go that route. Will there ever be?? Also what else is there besides arena to build for? There are no guilds, no boss fight, and no world chat(can't believe this). Does anyone know what's coming up in the next month or so in regards to these questions?

For example on team "type" I have
5* moff 4* verrs 4* storm trooper 5* snow trooper 4* Vader (all empire)
Would love to build and run this (but what's the point in wasting resources with no boost to be provided)
Also is anyone can post a video or post link to this team running would love to see!!! (Speaking to the soft launch crowd that is)


  • woodchuck
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    There are no guilds, no boss fight, and no world chat(can't believe this).

    lol this is not World of Warcraft
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    Nice reply!! U pick one thing I said in the entire post and say not mmo. I love **** bags like you! I was just simply asking if anyone had knowledge of the future other than arena because eventually everyone hits 60 and its timing and sniping at 1755 everyday and that's it! Will get old after months!
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    go back to WoW pls
  • Jabberwocky
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    There kind of is if you count type synergy with leader skill, I run PVP with Savage Oppress as leader and his skill is Sith +30 defense at Level 3 ability. This helps with my Sith heavy PVP team that has Maul and Dooku on it.
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    There is still tons they could do with the game. Im excited about the possibilties. Hope they come up with some more things to do in the day that are FUN. Not really thinking raid bosses though lol
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