Help regarding gear in shipments

Hi! Im am getting reasonably close to my very first gear XI. Its Tie Fighter Pilot, and he currently needs a stun cuff, (easily gotten(relatively)) a Mk 11 Blastech Weapon Mod, (currently 20/50) and a mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad. Now, regarded the Weapon Mod, is that in regular shipments? and if so, how much does it cost crystal wise? and regarding the Data pad, it requires 50 salvage and 50 prototypes. I have PLENTY of salvage, but 0 prototypes. Could you also let me know if the prototypes are in the shipments and how much it would cost? In short, Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad Prototypes, and Mk 11 Blastech Weapon mods. Are they in shipments or not? Thanks!


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