Professional Strategist's Guide to SWGOH - Short and Long Term Strategy

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Strategy for SWGOH – Pay to Play Players (but Free to Play can probably gain insights, too)

Disclaimer: I’m a P2P player so the strategy might be different for F2P players. I'm regularly in the top 10-20 on my server with little focus on the Squad Arena battles. I have an MBA from a top B school and am a professional strategist in my real life. While I'm a P2P player, I believe the phasing would be the same. The game continues to evolve so it is impossible to know how changes will impact strategy. I recommend using other sites for shard farming locations. After reading this guide, go to swgohcantina website for the character rankings and farming locations. I don't agree with all the player rankings but it is a good baseline to consider. So this strategy guide is focused more on economics of how you spend your resources and time. First, though, I believe you should begin with the end in mind – i.e. an intermediate end-state.

Intermediate End-State: Squad of 7-Star Characters, fully geared up, at max XP level 70, that work well together. (Example: One endstate squad might to have maxed out Phasma, Kylo Ren, First Order Tie Pilot, Luminara Unduli and Darth Sidious). Also, it is helpful to have a bench of characters at 50-45 level that makes winning GW and Events & Challenges a breeze. Furthermore, this bench can be slowly groomed up for potential Arena competition. This combination can be put on auto-pilot for growing the base of characters and leveling them up. But that is not where you start out.

Concept: I recommend visualizing phases to game play over a few month time horizon. Phase 1: Build up, Phase 2: Grow Strong, Phase 3: Grow Deep, Phase 4: Form NextGen Squad, Phase 5: Acquire Newly Released Characters and Gear/Level Up.

The issue is that you can’t go straight at the end-state without investing in other characters first. FOTP is not viable until he is leveled up and that takes time. You start with a set of characters that will take you so far but won’t get you to the top. For instance, I’ve leveled up Jedi Consular to 6 Stars but I realize that Luminara will be better once she is geared up. Gearing up Jedi Consular was easy so I’ve kept him in the line-up even now. It is taking time to farm and gear up Luminara but there will come a day when she will replace Consular on my Squad.

Starter Packs: Here’s the deal - These are worth the money on the front end because you get much more from your money and reduce the chance of cannibalizing character upgrades through Chromium packs. Let me explain.

When I first started, I was hesitant to buy the starter packs because I wasn’t sure if I’d want to continue to play. By the end of the first week, I was hooked but I still passed on a few starter packs that I now wish I had purchased. I’ve since spent a bunch on Chromium packs and wish I’d put that money to the starter packs and now surplus energy. So, the first decision you have to make is how much money you can afford.

The $4.99 starter pack is definitely worth the investment. I’d venture to say that all the starter-packages are worth the money as opposed to attempting to draw the characters from Chromium packs. So, if you think you are going to want to play this game for a while and won’t mind spending $200 up front, then buy all the starter packs with the commitment you won’t buy any Chromium packs. You can also get characters that are farmable to 7-Stars. Not all Chromium pack characters are farmable. You can instead use crystals for more energy to complete battles.

Big picture, I think you have to view the game in multiple phases. You will start in one and transition over time.

Phase 1 (Build up): Leveling up XP and gearing up through easy wins

- Leveling up to 45 is relatively cheap in terms of using XP energy / becomes more expensive to 50 and above

- Fill out Light Side and Dark Side squads (5 characters each). You can either farm shards or buy packs to get a baseline of characters. Having full squads will allow you to go further in the game and complete challenges. One option is to buy the starter pack at $4.99 and consider other bundle deals that offer farmable characters. The $4.99 pack is the best deal in the game. You used to be able to buy a 4-star Dooku for $4.99, but I got a Greedo which I only use as cannon fodder in GW now. Still, Greedo helped me build my squad. (I also bought the $99.99 Force Awakens pack because it is actually a good deal based on my analysis of pull probabilities. You get characters that fit a squad synergy that is worth having. 3-Star Phasma, 4-Star Poe and 4-Star Kylo Ren.)

- Consider investing in Chromium Cards early on but taper off after you start getting repeat full characters. The pulls are worth it for full characters but not the shards. This will give you a couple characters likely and hopefully a start on characters that are farmable. If you are going to buy Chromium, buy the 8 pack. You will get more for your money and its less heart wrenching playing one card at a time which may only give you 10-12 shards – which you can do better with playing Cantina. Again, Chromium is only worth playing for the full characters. As the game proceeds, these cards have a diminishing return. If you pull full characters that you already have, then you will be given bonus shards at a big discount. It is disappointing when you get a repeat pull on a character you cant even farm.

- Begin farming SELECT characters. What this means is you have to collect shards and upgrade star levels. In LS/DS battles, pick a couple characters to farm and gear up. My recommendations at first are Jedi Consular (JC), Chewy and Talia. I’ve found them useful through level 50. JC is maxed out. You could use all your energy to farm other characters, but you won’t be able to gear up as fast.

- Farming viability. Don’t go after Rey or any characters that don’t have at least 2-3 farming locations. They may have locations open up later and then you can farm them. Once Cantina opens up, you can go after a variety of characters who can be farmed faster. It is constrained by Cantina energy. LS/DS battle energy is worth it up to 100 crystals. Cantina is worth a refill it up to 200 crystals. However, if you are free to play then you may need to stick with you get. But don’t neglect Cantina. You get ability mats and more shards in that area.

- Gear up to level 4 and higher to open up abilities for each character.

- Go for 3-Star wins. Don’t waste energy on losing battles. This seems obvious, but early on you may be tempted to go as deep into the levels as possible. Only do battle when you are confident of a 3-Star win. If you aren’t confident, I recommend SIMing battles you’ve already won for character shards and gear.

- Winning battles is easy in the beginning; focus on eliminating one character at a time. Depending on threat either go after the attacker or healer first. If I think I can kill a high impact attacker before the healer gets a move, then I will take them out. Most of the time, I will take out the healer. Always leave the tank (high health, low damage) characters to the last, if possible. Not only will you reduce the chance of attackers hurting you, it is good practice for GW when you can use the tank takedown to cool down your special attacks.

- Obviously, complete the daily activities or risk losing XP and crystals. This is the most important thing you can do to stay up with the competition and advance in the game. Each day you miss is worth at least a half of a level up; perhaps an entire level.

Phase 2 (Grow Strong): Strengthen baseline characters with ability mats through Cantina Battles in order to climb the Squad Arena ranks to collect Sidious shards

- Choose baseline characters that will carry you up the Squad Arena battles ranks; being in the top 200 will allow you to farm 10 shards a day. 700 Arena credits are rewarded for top 200; 100 Arena credits are rewarded for finishing 3 battles. Top 2500 allows 5 shards a day. In the beginning, you will have to farm slowly, but your ability to farm faster will increase as you advance in the game.

- Ideal to have a tank, healer, attacker combo. Also, choose a leader that makes sense for your squad and level up their leader ability to gain squad synergies. Do this for both a Light and Dark side leader. Support characters also add unique synergies. No character has dominance across the board; i.e. agility, strength, intelligence, speed. Some are better than others, though. I like having characters that can do squad-wide damage with unique abilities. This allows you to bypass a tank when they taunt for two turns and hit weaker characters.

- Farm Darth Sidious in the Arena shipments until he is at 7 Stars. Start this immediately. Farming anyone else will waste time even though you might get a level up or character faster. Sidious has unique abilities that make him ideal for both the PVP and GW. Namely, his sadistic glee carries him through multiple battles with self-heal as other characters die off.

- Farm a character in Cantina Shipments that will be on your Arena squad. My recommendation is to farm Poe Dameron or QGJ. The same strategy applies – level them up to 5-6 stars before considering farming anyone else. Avoid wasting Cantina credits on ability mats which can be gained in the Events & Challenges and GW areas. Wasting Cantina credits will prevent you from farming faster.

Phase 3 (Grow Deep): Build a bench for Galactic War => Win GW and collect shards on other characters along with ability mats.

- Always go into battle with higher XP; if not, consider using a cannon fodder squad to take out the opponents first move advantage and hopefully do damage

- Use healers to keep a squad strong through fights and rest vulnerable characters when necessary

- Use Retreat liberally if you lose a character that you don’t want to lose. i.e. Sidious, Consular, Luminara, etc. After retreat, consider new squad configuration or cannon fodder squad if personnel are available.

- Choose a character in GW shipments to strengthen or farm. (Luminara, Phasma or IG-86 -- depends on who you already have)

- Level up character to 4/5 stars before considering farming a new character. If they are a Squad Arena character, continue to farm until they are maxed out.

- Bench characters should be at least level 35; ideally 45. Otherwise you can’t do any damage to the opposition, unless you want to waste the opponent’s first move with cannon fodder.

Phase 4 (NextGen Squad): Transition to next level characters – strengthen with ability mats and gears
- At some point there are diminishing returns to leveling up the initial baseline characters / better characters are farmable later on

Phase 5 (Acquire Newly Released Characters and Gear/Level Up): Obvious, yes. I added this phase with what we know about the new character being released through the 7 levels. This may, in fact, become the end-game for SWGOH. I hope the game moves in this direction. Imagine a squad of the most elite characters -- 7* Yoda, Darth Vader, Snoke, Darth Plageus, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (Episode 7-8), General Grievous.

I'm going to go out on a limb but I believe we are going to see these elite characters emerge for different communities (ex. Resistance, Droids, Jedi, Sith, Scoundrels) Imagine having to field a squad of 7* Droids to get General Grievous, or a squad of Sith to get Snoke (who I think is actually Darth Plagues.) How awesome would it be to form a squad of 7* Scoundrels to get Jabba the Hut. That would be awesome.

Once these characters get onto the Squad Arena, I think the trend will be to have them working together and you won't be able to win without them. You could see Yoda, Snoke, Jabba, Darth Vader, and Jedi Master Skywalker all on one team. Jabba would the ultimate Tank. Snoke would be the ultimate support character. Yoda will hopefully be a versatile attacker and possibly healer.

Anyway, EA has a real opportunity to make these super-elite characters worth the chase and keep us gamers occupied for the next couple years if they roll this out over time. EA's biggest issue so far seems to be how to keep players going over time that gets beyond just increasing the max level and gears. Expanding the level of super-elite characters. Frankly speaking, I think they should ramp up Darth Vader's max stats so at 7* his abilities reflect his legend.

Back to strategy -- you have to grind everyday while managing your life. haha

Daily Routine: It gets to be a little monotonous but you’ll need to get everything done everyday to keep up with the competition.

1. Daily activities: I plug one gear and train a cheap character to get the daily activities bonus. (1 min) Then, I go to Cantina buy energy and quickly farm the character I’m working on. (1 min) After that, I pick characters I’m farming in LS/DS battles (like Dooku) and satisfy both my LS/DS and Hard battles for the daily activities. (1 min) I will quickly do 2 of the challenges to get those bonuses. (8 min) That’s when I pivot to GW and fight the first battle which is usually easy. (3 min) I’ll collect the free data card. Only then do I start collecting my Daily activity bonuses. That leaves the bonus for Squad Arena battles (you have to do 3) and completing all activities. It may be tempting to fight the arena battles but it depends on your position in the ranks. I’m usually in the top 10 so I normally wait until the afternoon to fight.

2. Level Up (if necessary): Completing the daily activities will usually trigger a level up. Awesome! At first, I recommend leveling up all your characters. Where I am in the game, training droids are abundant. Credits are the constraining factor. Anyway, once you progress it will be much more expensive to go from level to level. We are talking +100K credits to go one level up. So, level up your Squad Arena characters and save the rest of your money for balancing your LS/DS squads.

3. Invest your Ability Mats: I like to wait until I’m done with my battles to decide where to put my ability mat investment. There are three component pieces – a triangle, quadrangle and pentagon looking mat. At first, you will only need the triangle mats but the pentagon looking mats are necessary (and the constraining component) for level 4 and up abilities. These make you a hard hitter. Invest in your arena squad first. Then, I usually use the excess triangle mats on my up and coming characters.

4. Squad Arena Battles: If you’ve gotten this far, I’m going to give away the secret to successful sniping. Sniping is the act of waiting until SA battles area about to close before taking out an otherwise superior opponent. You see, the advantage is with the attacker. When you aren’t active, AI is fighting battles for you. It does not fight perfect which is a good thing for keeping the boards moving. Some characters fight better with AI – like Poe. Poe fires off a taunt that is automatic with AI. That’s why he is so good for SA battles. I digress --- I normally check my Arena rank around 5pm and save at least 3 battles for the last hour. If I need to move up, I fight one early in the hour and one at 5pm. There is a 6 or so minute cool down so you have to space out your battles. If I think I can snipe someone, then I go at 5:55 and choose the battle. Battles last 5 minutes so once I go in I can prevent anyone from sniping me and I’ve just given myself an opportunity to snipe the opponent. Once the battle has a tipping point, I wait until 2:00 min to go before proceeding. Then, if I’m destined to lose, I stop moves and wait for the draw. I don’t go up but I don’t go down either because its now 6pm and I have my reward. If I have the advantage, I’ll target the 30 second mark for the win. After the rewards are disbursed, I think its worth battling up before the battles refresh for the next day if you can advance up the ranks. It forces opponents to spend one of their battles on taking you down a notch.

5. Challenges: I complete these throughout the day when I have a few minutes down time.

6. Weekly: Right now, Sunday is the best day for challenges. You can get ability mats, credits, training droids, gear of all types. Everything is open, so you have to make time to play on Sunday.

Economics of SWGOH

Before getting into a discussion about the economics of the game, a quick overview of the key items that allow you to do things:

1. Primary Resources (Self generated or directly purchased)

Crystals - Can be converted into Chromium cards, purchase items in shipments, refreshes, energy, etc. Based on your budget, you can determine how many crystals you can expect each day. Gained by completing Daily Activities, winning first time battles, Squad Arena and GW battles.

Energy - Necessary to fight battles. For LS/HS battles, double energy required for shard opportunities (Hard). Gained by waiting for time refreshes, bonus hours that happen periodically (claim under activities button), crystal refreshes that get more expensive based on how many times you've refreshed each day.

2. Secondary Resources (Derived by use of primary resources)

Credits - Awarded in challenges (free), Cantina, LS/HS battles. Note, you get more credits for Cantina battles. You can also buy credits from the data cards or pay 24 energy points for a chance at 8-25K credits.

Training Droids - Awarded in challenges (free), Cantina, LS/HS battles. Note, you get more credits for Cantina battles. You can also buy training droids in shipments. Becomes more of a constraint at max levels. It takes a lot of droids to go from 60 to 70 level.

XP - Gained by fighting battles, but you stop accruing once you achieve level 70. At that point, the XP has no value and is lost. Constrained by time and energy refreshes.

SIM credits - These are abundant and allow you to get the rewards of a three star win without actually playing it over. Not currently constrained.

Area Specific Shipment Credits: Cantina, Squad Arena and GW all award unique credits for their respective shipments. Cantina is relatively fixed in how much you can gain per day. Once you start farming, the constraint is energy. However, Squad Arena is constrained by your place on the leader board. You can earn double the amount of other people lower on the board, in addition to crystals and credits. Same goes for GW, which is now matched how you do in Squad Arena. The further you get into GW, the more stuff you can get.

3. Products (Items for purchase that remain character assets)

Each of these "products" represent a sort of asset that makes your characters stronger.

XP Level: In combination with training droids, it increases the level of a character's base stats based upon star level multiples. This will increase as you use your energy. Play for two months and you should be at level 70.

Ability Level: Apply ability mats to increase damage and gain other special abilities. Takes time to collect shards, but not expensive with credits.

Gear Level: Fill gear slots and craft gear to increase to higher levels. You can buy gear with credits in shipments or collect by farming. Increases base stats. Getting to gear levels VIII and IX can take a lot of time and resources. It depends on the character.

Star Level: This increases the stats multiples when you collect the requisite number of shards for a character. Very expensive as you max out. If you farm shards in the LS/HS areas, you'll get less gear because it takes more energy.

Discussion: This game is all about managing resources across the different types of battles. It is a long slog; rushing the game will only cost you a lot of money. As the Jedi say, "patience." If you are a whale, like myself, then you've given in to the dark side. It is the quicker path, but in reality isn't necessary for success in the game. Still, I would recommend some investment in the game -- like the $4.99 starter pack. Build strong light side and dark side squads but don't over invest in characters that you won't be using two months from now. That's why having a vision for your future squad is important.

Until the developers get to a steady state with the game, I think you have to remain flexible in managing your resources. If you can get heavy in training droids, then save them for the possibility that they may become more scarce or an aspect of the game may change so that its hard to collect them. Same thing goes for credits. Don't upgrade characters unless you plan to use them.

GW has changed in such a way that I now need a bunch of 70 level characters to even hope completing it. That is a very expensive proposition; a result of finishing in the top 5 in Arena. Any character below 50 is basically useless; not even as cannon fodder. For the time being, I've accepted that I won't be able to complete it until I build some depth. I also may need more characters that can go the distance. The challenge is that it takes a lot of credits to upgrade characters to assist in the slog, so there is no quick fix.

Okay, that's all I have for now. The update requiring Jedi Squad was not incorporated into this strategy. I have to imagine there will eventually be a dark side corollary, perhaps for a future release of Darth Plageus, Snoke, or Emperor Palapatine. So, I'd caution on completely neglecting the rest of the universe of characters. But for now, you probably need to focus on farming 5 viable Jedi. I have seven Jedi (JC, Lumi, QGJ, Mace, Aayla, Guardian, and Kit Fisto). Right now, I'd have to farm Guardian to 7-stars to get the new character (having a complete squad) but I'm debating whether I should work on farming Bariss or another Jedi instead. I can get to level 4 before it opens up, but I don't think I want to invest in Guardian to 7 Stars. Perhaps they will release Aayla or Kit Fisto for F2P as well.

Comments are welcome.
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    Good guide overall, but a few points I disagree quite strongly with you on.

    I'm F2P so won't comment on the value of the packs.

    1) you say only fight if you are confident of getting 3* - I disagree with this. Don't fight unless you are confident of winning. Getting 1* is ok as the rewards are the same. The only benefit of getting 3* is that you can sim that battle in future. Sometimes getting to that next hard level to get the equipment/character you want is worth it, for example I still haven't 3* Darkside 6A, but getting past it allowed me to get to DS 6B where I can farm FOTP.

    2) Investing in chromium cards - this really is a lottery. I think this also may be a F2P point, but the rewards from these are highly variable. I do think one 8 pack with the crystals they give you at the start of the game is possibly a good idea for the chance to get a 4* toon that will make an immediate difference in the arena, but you may end up with not a lot to show for your 2.5k crystals (which could translate at 4.5k energy at the lowest cantina/mission costs). Important to know it is a gamble and the safer option is definitely in using it to refill energy.

    3) Sid is a hard toon not to pick first from arena, but I think if I was going again I would go with IG88/HK47 to get a droid team up and running. Droids are by far the easiest synergised team to get.

    4) Get luminara first for GW - even though she's not a direct fit for a droid team, her leader skill (and heal) makes GW so much easier its unbelievable. After her, poggle and IG86 round out the droid theme for arena.

    5) I think its worth noting that level 3 skills don't use purple mats, so you can get skills up to this level for filler characters without worrying about taking skills away from your A team.

    6) You said don't farm Rey - couldn't disagree more. She is one of the strongest toons out there and will the bane of my arena. She has 3 locations (admittedly some of them quite late in the game) but even at 1 node, early game you have more energy than you know what to do with and not that many places to expend it usefully - I'd argue her nodes are a useful place.

    7) I'll emphasize the focus on 1 character thing - with the possible exception of getting both HK47 and IG88 for a droid team, you are better (I think) having 1 seven star toon than 2 5*. There are different locations to farm in decreasing order of rewards: GW (Lumi/Poggle/IG86/Phasma) Arena (HK47/IG88/Sid), Cantina node (GS, JC, Dooku, Kylo) and Cantina shipments (QGJ/Poe/Daka/FOO) allowing you to to focus on 4 toons that don't compete with each other for attention. I think with a Lumi lead (or Barris if you bought her) the bench needed for GW is much much smaller.

    8) Don't rush the rewards - the chances are that you'll get a piece of equipment, do both LS and DS via normal farming. Save the low level ones of doing something specific for later in the day when you've not got that.

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    Very nice, detailed guide for new players, and old players alike.

    I'm a f2p player as well, currently almost level 69. I have been playing since softlaunch, so I'll add a few points regarding f2p experience from my almost four months of daily play.

    1) - / ! \ Your mileage may vary / ! \, but I feel like going for Darth Sidious and Luminara at 7* feels like a minimum and a priority for new players. They are just so good for getting you started.
    • They both work well in Arena/Galactic War/Cantina. Healing Immunity from Sid works to burst down other sids in GW. Luminara's Healing and damage works well, with added Evasion.
    • Alone, Luminara is an awesome healer that will carry your light side battles (combine it with Jedi Consular and you won't have problems clearing all the Light side or any challenges)
    • Darth Sidious works well on the Dark Side with his self heal, AOE, and Healing Immunity, coupled with good damage.
    A new player will probably not be able to gather a droid team in the time span it takes to gather a decent Darth + Luminara.

    2) - I'm in the first softlaunch arena, together with the strongest P2P players (some called whales), so it is a very tough bracket. I'm currently running something, that seems to work decently for me, with the observation that I haven't spent more than 5$ on the game:
    7* Sidious, 7* Luminara, 7*Asajj, 6* Daka (I'm leveling currently with Cantina credits, very good Dark Side character, will help with clearning DS!), and a 7* Jedi Consular ( somewhat replaceable with something better., but no ideas yet as to with what, it helps a ton with healing in GW, so I threw him in arena! )
    Synergy is pretty nice! Healing Immunity allows me to burst down / wear down. Ability Block stops heal/assists/incoming damage. Asajj's Buff removal removes taunts and buffs. Daka's dual stun with Revival.
    Sid self healing, Daka healing, Luminara healing+hot, JC fast healing.
    • Allows me to keep a rank of under #500, which allows me to get 600 Tokens and 50 Shards.
    • Allows mistakes, I can always have a heal ready :)
    • Pretty versatile for either bursting, wearing down, or defending.
    Bad part, It feels cheap. It's not possible to compete and expect to win under rank 300 with it, as it'll get devoured by the "meta" game right now. I've had them one shot by paid-leveled characters like FOTP, Leia, Rey, very strong droid teams, bad RNG etc.
    But, for a starter, all the characters ( Maybe except Daka or Asajj, former farmed after Sid ) are accessible to new players, and work well combined with replacements.

    3) - I have had no problems running Galactic War with the same arena team, blanket healing all around, bursting Healing Immunity characters and using replacements for crazy offensive teams to cannon fodder/bring down a character so I can use the A team, etc.

    4) - As a f2p player, your crystals ARE MORE LIMITED than p2p players.
    I have no idea for new brackets and how f2p players are placed in them, but for me, I cannot attain a spot lower than 200 on my leaderboard. As a f2p player, you won't be able to consistently beat most teams to end up under 200 by the pay-out. A few exceptions (Yo SeroZero, you come to mind :P ).
    So my arena income is 50 crystals a day. Add to it the crystals I make from daily GW clears + the daily clears, I can afford to use around 150 crystals a day. This allows me to either:
    • Stockpile them and not refresh anything with them, hoping to buy a Chromium Pack <- BAD IDEA. As a f2p player, you won't be able to get consistent results, and excepting a hero drop, you'll get a dozen random shards you won't be able to use.
    • Use them for refreshes. It allows me to do one cantina refresh a day + one normal battle refresh. I can't afford to refresh any Arena or Hardmode timers. This allows me to farm daily Hard Modes for the shards I need, and a bit of a faster cantina, helps with shards as well and cantina credits. Also helps with gear farming and xp farming in the long run.

    5) - Credit income is okay, I am able to keep up with leveling my characters to 70 with the levels I get each 2-3 days, I am able to afford most things. Get your main team to 70, then your secondary, then the Phase system posted by DermoRen is a good mantra to follow.

    6) - Remember to have fun! Even if you don't pay, you can still be competitive :)
    Timba ~ f2p since October ~ on LINE timba_timba ~ [FTB]

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    I don't think it is worth farming Rey or any character until you have two locations to farm from. Rey's second farming location doesn't open for a while and I think you are better off upgrading JC or other characters with more farming locations until you reach that point. Rey is excellent and hard hitting but it comes at an opportunity cost early on. That was my point. But perhaps I should clarify.

    As for confidence in gaining a 3* win before engaging, my point is that you risk losing otherwise and that wastes energy. For a beginner, I think you want to error on the side of safe so you don't waste energy bc you lose the XP. Now, I agree with that point otherwise. I've used the same strategy to stretch to a point I want to farm.

    Great comments!
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    Pick the fastest toons that hit the hardest and you will win. This is why they pay me the big bucks, I make things simple.
  • Sir_iRampage
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    Been doing this type of algorithm after two weeks of playing this game. Now, im playing more than a month and i think I'm on track in terms of endgame. Reading the forums before committing in the game helps you know.. hehe anyways, good guide man esp about the arena thing :D
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    I have a MBA blah blah, nice one you obnoxious ****
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    Lol MBA from a top b school, how does that matter?

    Which school? :)
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    Lol MBA from a top b school, how does that matter?

    Which school? :)

    Lol, I'm a doctor. If you have any questions about healing abilities fire away.
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    I was just trying to get attention to the guide. the fact you responded means you checked it out. I thought a guide would be helpful for some.

    I find trolls amusing. It's easy to throw the snark behind your anonymous username. Aren't you something special.
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    I took the time to read this. While most items here are already mentioned somewhere else in the board (like go for sid and lumi etc, i think it is one of the most complete and helpful guide here. good job.
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    I have a MBA blah blah, nice one you obnoxious ****
    Lol MBA from a top b school, how does that matter?

    Which school? :)

    When someone makes comments like this, it says a lot about the person (feelings of inferiority, for instance). The OP wrote a good guide and the only comments supplied by those quoted are on his qualifications to making such a guide? An educated and intelligent person (not the same thing) are pragmatic. We base decisions on facts and ignore those opinions that lack the expertise or qualifications to speak to said facts. I would not have read this if his qualifications were not highlighted as I am already an experienced player as I don't need another beginner's guide - but thought hey, maybe, just maybe there is a jewel in there that I have been missing.
    ☮ Consular ☮ Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. -Ben Kenobi
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    Great guide and I enjoyed reading it. It re-enforced some of my own experiences and growing knowledge, mostly built on the back of poor decisions early on.

    I found the troll comments to be unhelpful and agree with other posters that it adds little and only shows themselves up.

    Very positive and useful information.
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    Excellent guide, thanks
    Use the force Luke.... and get rid of that stupid musket.
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    Wow. Trolled for stating a qualification, after taking the time to write a quality guide. The internet stinks!

    Thanks for the guide! Found it a good read. Wish I'd stumbled onto it earlier.

    I'd reiterate 'focus', which the guide heavily implies. Better to have a 'suboptimal' 7 star than a bunch of badly geared 4 stars from 'chasing the meta'.
  • NeonPhyzics
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    good post - I have an MBA too btw and I think there is nothing wrong with adding that info since the concept of "game theory" is freaking included in economics class

    I am using a similar strategy, my concern is not wanting to commit all resources to 1-2 characters at the beginning - because I am a gamer too and I know that the DEVS can hit you with the NERF so fast setting you back weeks.

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