Character Release Plan Tweaks

So I'll get to the idea straight.
Part 1 Marquee Event
Part 2 Elite Event (Uses toons you unlocked.) after 1 week
T1- All G4 gear for the character. Lvl 30 enemies.
T2- All G7 gear for the character. Lvl 50 enemies with a +10% stat boost.
T3- Shards to get to 3/4. Lvl 70 enemies with 2x Defense.
T4- All G10 gear for the character. Lvl 78 enemies with 2x Offense.
T5- All Credits and ability till Lvl 6. Lvl 80 enemies with +10% stat boost.
Part 3 Packs after 1 week
Part 4 P1-P3 rerun after 2 months.
Part 5 F2P after 4 months.
This way more shards, Gear and buying of packs.
1...2...3! You're dead!


  • Aero
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    Not quite. The "Elite" event is the name of this particular marquee event, not an actual step. The way it works is:

    1. Marquee event unlocks character, bundles offered to get shards.
    2. In three to four weeks the character will move to chromium packs.
    3. Another three to four weeks the character wok be assigned a more accessible location in game to acquire.

    So if you really want to max Gar Saxon without paying for example, you have at most 8 weeks to wait, a little less than 2 months, not 4.
  • Nah. This way, you unlock Gar in P1
    In P2, you get enough shards to get him to 4 if you did all Tiers, otherwise you get enough to get 3 stars.
    P2 makes them easily viable and easier to get there as you have to farm less.
    P3 gets you faster to the chromium pack.
    P4 Reruns the event, Elite event and Bundles, making them raid usable.
    P5 It is now coming later, but you know that the character is useful in raids, arena or GW or all, so you you'll farm them more. You get time to experiment before you farm them, so you try and buy them from Chromiuims to Speed Up
    1...2...3! You're dead!
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