Resistant Trooper on Andriod

Anyone else realize that they recently made it possible to farm resistant trooper through 3-A hard on light and dark. I dont know, does he made him better for late game now since you can farm him to 7*?


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    Nice catch. When did that happen?

    First Order Stormtrooper has 2 hard modes also.
  • I am guessing they updated it today because the character screen now arranges in a specific order instead of the percentage of shards you have to unlock a character
  • The order didn't change on mine. It's still all unlocked characters by level then all locked characters by percentage of completion gathering shards.
  • Question: what does "first order" refer to? is it a title from somewhere in fandom like being in the **** **** or does it mean just better than regular dude?
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  • The First Order is what plausibility became of the empire in the new movie. Hence the new stormtrooper helmet.
  • This change happened earlier today. I think they had a small maintenance and patch.

    Also the First Order is from the new Force Awakens movie. Potentially the "new and improved" Empire from the original trilogy.
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