Aayla stun ????????

So what's the point in stunning on a counter attack if at the end of their turn the stun goes away? This just happened to me in cantina battle and I was confused as to why it was happening.


  • Think it's a bug, hopefully it will be fixed in the near future, seems unfortunate because it's we're aayla really shines
  • I guess no ones complaining about it because no one uses her lol. I'm 42/50 to unlock her so I'm not in hurry to get more I guess.
  • Made posts in the bug forums and in the master thread

    I use here on main team 5* and t8 tomorrow all 6 on abilities

    This also effects dookus stun on counter as well so I don't know why it's not addressed in patch unless it's a stealth fix (fingers crossed)
  • D_Millennial
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    This also happens when dooku counters a jedi. Stun/Ability Block is applied and then immediately removed once that chars turn meter is reset.
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