Can someone give me feedback on my team and if i should switch anyone out

all level 64

Leader---darth sid 7* gear lvl8

lumi 6* gear lvl7

Kylo 5* gear lvl 7

vader 4* gear lvl 8

phasma 5* gear lvl 7

for some reason phasma hasnt really been working for me or maybe im not using him right

im thinking of putting in:

darth maul 4* gear lvl 7


luke 5* gear lvl 7


old ben 4* gear lvl 7

Can someone help me please


  • l3end3r
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    Phasma isn't working, because none of your other characters sync well with her. Usually she is leader on a team with FO characters, assist characters, such as GS and QGJ, and sometimes Dooku. Poe is another way to make her better, since both characters affect turn manipulation.

    Anyways, I'd finish Lumi and decide in the direction you want to go in. Personally, I'd aim for some variation of:

    Phasma (lead), Kylo, Poe or QGJ, Lumi, Sid

    Once you have 5/6 of those characters, Rey (if you start farming her now), Poe or QGJ (whoever you haven't farmed) and GS would be the characters to make the team better. GS > Kylo, but you may want to finish Kylo since you have him at 5* already.

    Phasma(lead), Poe, QGJ, GS, Rey is possibly the strongest team in the current meta.

    If you want to go a different direction, you can finish Luke and Lumi and add Poe and Poggle. That's the team I run: Sid(lead), Lumi, Poe, Poggle, Luke. It's a top 3 team in my bracket and I have about 27000 power. You could go for the droids as well after.

    Other combinations exist as well, and I suspect the large patch change next week will shake up the meta, so maybe hold off on your decision until you see what they add.
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