A Word Regarding Gar Saxon's Gauntlet Fighter

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Hey Everyone,

So by now you’ve all seen Gar Saxon’s awesome new starship, the Gauntlet Starfighter.

*Spooky voice* Ooooooor have you?

“What?” you say, “But it’s RIGHT THERE in the game, NRAJ!”

Ah, my young padawans, is that REALLY the Gauntlet Starfighter, or is it a Mandalorian Fang Fighter, a ship the Gauntlet is based on?

All right, all right, I’ll stop! But yeaaaaaah, thanks to an intrepid Star Wars detective, it appears we’ve released the wrong model for Gar Saxon’s Gauntlet Starfighter! Now, in our defense, um… R2-D2?

*hangs head in shame*

Alas, there are no excuses here and I offer my Star Wars credibility card up for you to cut a corner off of.

So we’re working on figuring out which model we need to use, or if this is the correct model with the wrong name. Either way, will have to go through the typical process of building, approving, refining, but since we don’t need to build an ability kit or test it’s functionality, the process should go quickly.

Once it’s all done, we’ll swap the models (or the names) out and all will be right with the Force.

In the meantime, you guys can take screenshots of how you owned (for a very limited time) an ultra-rare misprint of a Gauntlet Starfighter. You’ll be part of the cool kids who were there back in the day when the Gauntlet Starfighter was really the Mandalorian Fang Fighter.

Oh the stories you’ll tell!

Anyway, thank you so much for your patience and thank you to the loyal fans who helped bring the Force back in to balance. We’ll get this corrected and released as quickly as we can (spoiler alert: It won’t be this week).

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