Help me decide where to go from here.

Hello All,

I guess I am what you might consider a whale, so ill preface this post with that. Regardless, if you were me how would you do the following:

1. What would your arena team be
2. What would your character gearing and starring priorities be (pick 2-3 characters)
3. I will not buy packs for new toons, and will not buy chromiums...but will buy gear.

Im kind of at a crossroads right now. Should i go for Rogue one? Should i gear yoda? Should i get savage and SA. I just cant make up my mind. Want to try and stay ahead of the meta curve.

Thanks a lot, and please use the following link to see my roster.


  • well considering the new empire rework i would work on the empire. As for arena id run a rex lead, kylo, chaze, and maybe DN. on the other hand R2-D2 might entirely change the meta in a way nobody really knows yet.
  • I run rex, kenobi, chaze DN.
  • aus10
    189 posts Member
    Team looks pretty good to me. I'd probably start farming Imperial troops now before anything though. Arena wise though, I wouldn't change anything yet.
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